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Thanks @thunderstorm101. It was hard to tell cause at times you get a red cross sign over a side mission which made me think that I would have to play more of the story. The side mission that have you finding the firemen just seems so strange cause it seems like I have stumbled onto a location or two but gliding around to find more doesn't seem to be that easy but I guess I will just keep a look out.

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So is the best way to find some of the side mission locations to just glide around or will Alfred or someone update you when they find another fireman or when Azrael has made another fire bat symbol? I want to take a break from the main story cause I feel like you can power through that really fast but I find it hard to find some of the side objectives. Should I be looking for them or just wait and they will be updated on the map? Thanks for the help. Good luck have Batman.

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Thanks for the help! I think I am going to start making the investment into bloodtinge.

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So I just got the gun Evelyn, I am level 61 and only have 12 points in bloodtinge, pretty sure I'm playing the game way out of order, but is it worth getting to 18 to use it? I have read it is pretty great but seems like a lot of points. Thanks for the help.

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Thanks, I guess I figured that initial download would at least get me through the tutorial.

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So I bought shadow of mordor on the flash sale and it only downloaded 4.2 GB. I started playing and it told me the rest of the game needed to install before I could continue but I cant seem to figure out how to download and install the rest of the game. I deleted the game and went to redownload it hoping it will fix the problem but it is redownloading 4.2 GB again. Anyone have this problem before and know how to help? Thanks!!!

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So I am interested in this game and understand that the start of the game may be boring. They say the game doesn't start until the end game. So if anyone has reached level 20 can you say if you think the stuff available to you at the end seem more interesting than the stuff before?

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Does anyone know the name of the documentary about alive that drew said was on netflix?

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You can get mercenary kings for free now, it's up for me

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Does anyone else have problem with the store not updated in a timely manner? Its close to one in the afternoon and the new games for the day are not listed yet. Just wondering if this is just me or if someone knows how to get the store to refresh.