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#1 Posted by Adam914 (29 posts) -

You can get mercenary kings for free now, it's up for me

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Does anyone else have problem with the store not updated in a timely manner? Its close to one in the afternoon and the new games for the day are not listed yet. Just wondering if this is just me or if someone knows how to get the store to refresh.

#3 Posted by Adam914 (29 posts) -

Ok I was just doing quick match and I guess it wasn't putting me on a ranked server

#4 Posted by Adam914 (29 posts) -

Maybe I just wasn't noticing it but does your rank and weapon progress only increase while playing conquest and not other modes?

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well i was thinking BF4 bur that story looks pretty bad, and never having played one of those games online very much i was thinking i would pick out another time to dive in to it. Killzone looks so pretty and should have a nice campaign to soak in the new power of that machine. But the AC4 story looks much better than i thought it would be, but i am sure i am going to get my hopes up for some larger twist about the time in the present when nothing happens.

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What is everyone planning on getting for their game if they can get one game? I am thinking Killzone but still on the fence of what to do.

#7 Posted by Adam914 (29 posts) -

what are the signs leading up to the mission they say you must take javik on?

#8 Posted by Adam914 (29 posts) -

So why would i want to shave my beard? Are their any benefits?

#9 Posted by Adam914 (29 posts) -

i always thought that a dingo was just a wild dog in austalia, so is strange for dog and dingo skin not to be the same or am i wrong on what a dingo is?

#10 Posted by Adam914 (29 posts) -

does anyone know if you can store stuff in town instead if carrying every thing with you?

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