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Congrats! I'm still playing through my New Game+, but I'm going to tackle Insanity one of the days. Thx also for the tips, but I don't want to play Infiltrator again, I'll have to figure out a different strategy.  :(

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LOL funny article. I hope some people fall for it and post here so I can laugh at them too.

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Nice, just in time for me to log in and play some MW2, which I happen to be doing now.

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Soccer is pretty hardcore man, 90 minutes of dudes running up and down a large field to score maybe 3 points in a match. It requires teamwork, skill, and insane endurance. But, to put it bluntly and simply; it can often be quite boring to watch. I'll watch the World Cup games, but other than that I'd rather watch American football or basketball.
IMHO baseball is pretty boring to watch as well.

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Nice list duder. On my launch 60GB:

Resistance 2
Red Faction: Guerrilla
Street Fighter IV (without DLC)
Little Big Planet (without DLC)
and CoD4
All work fine (offline, obviously)
Killzone 2 isn't working (Trophy error -2147416817 though...)
Everything else on your list is accurate for me, except for the fact that my MW2 works fine offline; no idea why that would be though...

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Guys, trophy info is stored server-side. You're not going to lose all the trophies you've gained just because your PS3 can't sync up to show them to you. It'll get ironed out.
Read a book or sum'n, go on a Wiki-walk, I dunno...

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Total bummer. I wanted to get in a couple hours of MW2 before bedtime, and blam! 8001whatever. Seems like a firmware issue since all those guys who've never connected to PSN still have the same error. The PS3 browser and System Update can still get online though, so hopefully they get a patch out in the next few days. I'm going to go have withdrawal symptoms in the corner now...

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Bring it.

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Usually one with lunch and one in the evening. Sometimes I'll have an extra one in there somewhere, but I also make sure to drink about a gallon of water each day.

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If the Ruskies paratroop in and try to take over my local TGIFriday's, I am totally 100% qualified to snipe them with any thermal-scope equipped rifles around, and rain death upon dozens with that spare UAV we just got.