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Thanks Patrick, and good luck in your future endeavours

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Toronto, ON, Canada

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@supermacguyver: I think the difference is that the people in attendance were asking questions out of genuine interest and not to get a rise out of the community.

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Fez was a good game.

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A Wonderful 101. 4 Installed on my Mac side, 8 on my windows XP partition. I should update that partition.

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Dude. Did you really? 1 year and three months.

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I tried to not fast travel on my second character playthrough. But just like trying to not sneak, it was too tempting a mechanic to avoid. I do make efforts not to fast travel everywhere but if I have to get from the Mage's College to Calcelmo in Markarth I'm gonna fast travel! I played an archer, where stamina management is directly tied to the aiming mechanic. Playing without a HUD seems like a good way to constantly run out of stamina and miss your enemy.

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I liked the part where Jeff when "bap bap bap" with his gun and it matched the music. That was a good part.

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@jasondesante: GiantBomb was bought by CBSi, which happens to also own Gamespot. I may not be the only one to point this out. I read the rest of what you wrote. You certainly are an optimist. I have no better conclusions, unfortunately.

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