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PSN: MagicPhone

Just starting out, wanna do the vita challenge daily.

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username: MagicPhone

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So sad. Condolences to his family, friends, and everyone in the community. He will be so missed.

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Just moved all of my domain names off GoDaddy and to Hover. Thanks for the coupon code, guys.

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Thanks for gathering these thoughtful perspectives, Patrick. I wish the same could be said for these comments.

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I really need a cover for this game where the title is "The Next Great Sequel in the Saints Row Franchise." Anyone who does it gets my virtual high five.

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Hey guys. Thought I'd share this Apocalypse Now parody video I made at the Call of Duty XP event. The Giantbomb community sort of universally panned my last videogame comedy video, which was super disappointing, because out of every gaming website on the internet, I respect the  staff and community of Giantbomb more than any one else. This video is significantly crazy, so I understand if it's not your cup of tea, but still thought I'd share as it's my most ambitious gaming video yet. Let me know what you think. I'll be making some Gears 3 videos this weekend, and would love your input. Thanks! 
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So I went to the Konami Pre-E3 event thing down here in LA, and long story short, the highlight was Skull Girls. I got some pretty good footage of that and some of the other games in the video above. I also drone on a little about what I thought about things. Feel free to skip to the game footage, if like several YouTube commenters, you "find the shape of my head annoying."
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  Hey guys. I made this today, thought I'd share. I've been playing way too much Pokemon, that now it's starting to bleed into the rest of my life. Please send help. But making this sketch was fun, especially the special effects. Love to hear what the Giant Bomb community thinks. I mean, as long as you like it.
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I played through Homefront last week, and although it showed lots of promise, I was pretty disappointed. That's why I made this parody video of a possible Homefront sequel, that has all of the things I "love" about Homefront. 
Had to share with my Giantbomb peeps.
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