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@walkertr77: let's focus on us getting today's podcast first, man! One step at a time!

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Can't wait for DOTA TALK!

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@patrickklepek My biggest issue with the way you were talking about the Metal Gear stuff was you said "Kojima is trying too hard." I hate the "trying too hard" phrase. It just seems like an asshole thing to say. "Oh, you are attempting to do/make something and giving it too much effort." It's always just bothered me.

More to the point on the MGS discussion, all that rape stuff just seemed to me as a way to set up that skull face bro as a super rotten dude. I dunno if that is trying too hard or not... but it made me want to put a bullet in his brain. So I guess it was effective.

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Southeast US

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Empty right now! Where is everyone?

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running out of Tuesday time.

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@donpixel: That office looks like a startup office. Not defending Ouya here, cause I don't care, but that's a silly thing to say.

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great. Can't wait to see "Yosuke and Chie at the Olympic Games"

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but...but...I love you Dave.

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They better get to the Koffing Gym in the quick look. Best gym, best song.