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Gonna grab the E-Book. Will report back how easy it was to jerk off to.

For science.

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Really hits that nostalgia gland.

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Two midgets shitting in a bucket.

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Some of the jewelry and armor is decent.

Weapons are the worst because they require multiple +damage rolls to even be usable, it's the same reason why there really isn't money in crafting weapons whilst you can make a ton from crafting armor.

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@Lukeweizer said:


I think one of the things they could do is show more of the events on the map, most of them only show when you are in reasonably close proximity. What kind of happens now is that you clear all of the hearts in a zone and run through all of the related content you find, but when you come back to a zone you don't especially know where the action is at.

On the topic though, the game essentially encourages pseudo cooperation - the punishment is removed from helping people you arent really grouped with, but on the flipside everything is pretty zerg-derp.

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Upto 31 with my warrior, whats massively frustrating is that multiple zones have 1 skill point guy that is broken. I have 2 zones 100% and 2 more that are completed excluding 1 skill point npc which is broken in each. Beta be beta.

Going to try to get a group for ascalon catacombs.

Edit - re: performance. Its better but still needs work.

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Yeah two handed crossbows does sound a little overpowered, I think they should probably tone them down a little.

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It isn't worth it whilst leveling but there is money to be made if you get a half decent 6 affix / legendary pattern - (helm of command, sages boots etc.)

I have the 6 affix WD offhand if anyone wants one crafted on eu for no fee. (exalted grand unspeakable thing iirc)

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@ajamafalous said:

Frozen/Jailer are dumb on OHKO mobs (like Dark Berserkers, etc.).

Vortex is pretty bad for this too, when a dark berserker winds up and then you get vortexed into the mace attack.

It's making me angry just thinking about it.


Edit - though those attacks are survivable as melee.

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I have the inferno staff and even though I can farm act 3 reasonably on my monk, I get absolutely annihilated in whimsyshire. :]