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Hoping for an early Bombcast

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I think it is a good thing. It gives developers the ability to improve the game after release. In addition it decreases the need of "crunch time" which has been a source of debate within the industry for some time.

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I got linked to the QL of Borderlands while on a RuneScape forum.

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This thing has to have a Scrub League segment. Nidhogg or Sports Friends: Super Pole Riders would be cool.

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Can't see Wasteland 2 doing very well on consoles, its a pretty antiquated video game. Still cool to see it happen.

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Contemplating starting NG+ on Dying Light before sending it back to Gamefly. Slowly making my way through Sunset Overdrive, but it isn't as fun as I imagined. I'll probably finish up that first episode of Life is Strange. Destiny, Warframe, and UFC have stayed in constant rotation.

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2008 was one of my favorite years for gaming.

Burnout Paradise

Condemned 2


Rainbow Six Vegas 2


Fallout 3

Dead Space

Left 4 Dead

Mirrors Edge


Fable 2

Rock Band 2

Gears of War 2

I think 2015 has more games that appeal to less people than 98 or 08. Games like Persona, FF, Xenoblade are more niche than most. I do think 2015 will be the year we get our first jaw dropping, truly next hen experience on X1 and Ps4

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Maybe check out Warframe on PC?