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Dark Souls 2

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Nope. If you start thinking like that then soon everything in life will just be a waste of time.

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Just finished up NG+ and was curious from anyone who has played it, are the changes similar as to those going from NG to NG+? Is it worth it to go through it again, or are all the item pickups going to keep being the same?

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Starts about 20 min in

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Anyone play that last gen History Channel branded WWII shooter? Man, that game was total ass, even for a generic military shooter.

On second thought, I think it was based on battles from the American civil war.

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The only one I reached max devotion was Pilgrims of the Dark. Never found the covenants to have enjoyable mechanics surrounding them or worthwhile rewards. Mostly just deal with them to get extra lore and world contex.

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@AlisterCat playing something like Wolf Among Us or The Walking Dead could be fun since the decision making aspect of those games translates well to couch co-op. Also, Dark Souls.

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@somberowl: Sweet, it would be awesome if they did something similar to what they did with Bastion. Really hope this comes to Xbox One.

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@crembaw: Those were annoying at first, but there are plenty of environmental cues, like if vegetation is rising above the water, that symbolize safe zones for walking.