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Destiny is certainly GOTY material. It is also the most disappointing game of the year. One of those rare games you can sink hundreds of hours into with the blink of an eye.

Opinions always vary though. I thought The Evil Within was far and away one of the best games of the year. Meanwhile, horror buff Klepek gave it a measly 2 stars.

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Wonder who will be filling in for Drew this week, if anyone. It seems like this is probably his last week on vacation. I wouldn't mind having both Rorie and Jason on, or the more unlikely scenario, a rare Will Smith appearance. It has been awhile since he's been on the Bombcast.

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@jeff: Alright, I can buy that. That line of thinking is consistent with how you recently said that the Metacritic colors for reviews is perfect for the site. I suppose in an ideal world you would have dozens of unique images to choose from, so that there would always be something to accurately portray the tone of the review. I still think that visual aid gives a lot of expression and says more than 1-5 stars colored gold.

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For a personality driven site, it still makes no sense to me that they removed something that added a lot of personality.

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A well stated rallying cry that boils down to, don't let assholes have their way with you.

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@patrickklepek: Good points that underscore the power to do good that the Internet has. It's really inspiring when you see people band together to support someone or something they believe in. People that are able to rally together despite being nothing more than a username and avatar to each other. The collective rallying of the human spirit is a powerful thing, and the Internet enables that. It sure would be nice to eradicate the overwhelming and vitriolic side of that power.

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I don't support any of this GamerGate crap, but I'm just curious, where did Anita Sarkeesian come from? I never heard of her contributing to the industry in any form prior to all this internet drama. I can't find anything stating that she has any kind of background in the industry. It seems like she just showed up out of nowhere and started complaining about everything imaginable. Am I missing something here? Seems like the attitude towards women in games has gotten worse since she arrived.

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A low res game can be lifted up by a nice art style and design. Not much you can do to compensate for a poor frame rate.