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"We intend to offer NX through a Nintendo-like solution". Perhaps simultaneously the most telling but most ambiguous statement we've heard regarding NX. I'm not quite sure what they are trying to imply by saying "Nintendo-like solution", they said it multiple times during the Q&A.

Are they going to use their new loyalty program to subsidize NX consoles for the most devoted Nintendo fans? Is the NX some kind of software portal designed to run on handheld consoles, mobile platforms, and the Xbox and PS? Where does their quality of life initiative fit in to all of this? The next year should be real interesting for Nintendo.

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This gen has been pretty great so far, all things considered. The only system I'm missing is a PS4, and I'll pick one up as soon as Sony gives me a reason to other than Bloodborne. Can't justify a $450 Bloodborne machine right now. No major hardware issues, and the games with big problems I either didn't care to play anyways (AC: Unity) or I was ok with skipping (MCC).

Having spent 450 hours, probably 400 of that being solo, in Destiny is probably the biggest "fumble". But, no one forced me to play it that much and I'm barely in the top 10 on my Xbox friends list for total playtime in that game. Multiple people have well over 1,000 hours. I blame the fact that I was unemployed for the first like 5 months of Destiny's release. For the first month, I was playing about 7 hours a day. Oof. That game has been my personal F2P, Candy Crush moment.

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@cuzintheboss: Jeff has said in the past that when they reach out to Nintendo they express they aren't interested in that type of appearance.

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For me it would be MS>Bethesda>Ubisoft>Square>Nintendo>Sony>EA

MS had one of the better conferences I've seen in years, the only thing really missing was a big surprise ganme announcement at the end. Otherwise, they covered the big first party games, had some cool 3rd party stuff, showed new IPs, had a surprise announcement (Back Compat), kept the whole show at a good pace, had diverse presenters, and even showed the Hololens in a cool way.

Bethesda had a lot of games I care about which is why I liked their show. Doom looked a little flat though.

Ubi was an entertaining show without ever being too cringey like they usually tend to be. For Honor and Ghost Recon were surprising announcements and looked cool. I always love seeing Yves Guillemot and he seemed to be on stage more than the last couple years.

Square's western lineup looks very solid, they've come a long way in the last 5 years. I kinda thought they were headed the Midway/THQ route but they're doing well now.

Nintendo and Sony felt pretty even to me. Nintendo was severely lacking new games and a lot of the stuff they showed felt like small little throwaway experiences like the new Zelda, Metroid, Animal Crossing. Star Fox looked like a budget 3rd party game on the Wii in terms of graphics and looked pretty plain in terms of the environments. The actual gameplay looked fun though. The only truly interesting thing at Sony was Morpheus and No Mans Sky and they really skimmed over Morpheus. I have zero interest in Shenmue and FF so if I cared about those franchises their show would be higher on my list. Last Guardian looks like a potentially cool game but I can't shake the feeling that all the hype is going to kill that game come release. I've never enjoyed the Uncharted games outside of the pretty graphics and environments so ending with that didn't do much for me.

EA has some cool games like Battlefront and Mirrors Edge but they did a poor job of showing their stuff off and their conference was bloated with drivel that everyone else dropped from their E3 conferences a few years ago.

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Jack in,jack off

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DA: I was cool but a Witcher 3 surpasses it in every way. It's a masterly crafted fantasy RPG.

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Hoping for an early Bombcast

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I think it is a good thing. It gives developers the ability to improve the game after release. In addition it decreases the need of "crunch time" which has been a source of debate within the industry for some time.

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I got linked to the QL of Borderlands while on a RuneScape forum.

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