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Happy birthday to the eternal duder

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Getting this one with Gamefly.

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@jackhole I sent you a friend request on Battlenet. I'll be free all day tomorrow, so that would probably work best for me. I believe you said you would be free after 1pm?

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@jackhole: Monday or Wednesday would be best for me. I have a class from 1pm-6pm EST on Tuesday and Thursday, but I could probably schedule something after that.

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All freeze cards are too powerful. They probably shouldn't be in the game period, they just don't mesh with the style of card game that Hearthstone is.

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Ape Escape

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@paulunga: They may have not had one. Could be a shift made in accordance with the Kadokawa acquisiton.

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Battlenet: liquidseed #1901

Classes: Priest, Druid, Hunter

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For the MS and Sony conferences, watching them via the console is probably a good idea.

Other than that, the Gamespot streams seem pretty comprehensive every year with good quality.

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Hmmm, releasing something called the Master Chief collection implies to me that he won't be a focus in Halo 5 and future installments. (Maybe this is already known, but I haven't kept lockdown on the Halo canon since Halo 3)