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Ruin Sentinels are far easier dodging than blocking. Might want to get that equip load percentage to 70% or less. Otherwise you're fine stats wise.

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Problem is "YouTube careers" are highly volatile and have super low job security. If people stop following your shit, the money starts drying up quickly, interest wanes, someone else comes along to scoop up viewers, and soon its all over.

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@pinner458: no, you only start ng+ when you select the menu option at the Majula bonfire.

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Dark Souls 2

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Nope. If you start thinking like that then soon everything in life will just be a waste of time.

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Just finished up NG+ and was curious from anyone who has played it, are the changes similar as to those going from NG to NG+? Is it worth it to go through it again, or are all the item pickups going to keep being the same?

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Starts about 20 min in

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Anyone play that last gen History Channel branded WWII shooter? Man, that game was total ass, even for a generic military shooter.

On second thought, I think it was based on battles from the American civil war.

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The only one I reached max devotion was Pilgrims of the Dark. Never found the covenants to have enjoyable mechanics surrounding them or worthwhile rewards. Mostly just deal with them to get extra lore and world contex.