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That 'art' doesn't make a great first impression. Unless it's meant to be a Genesis game or something...

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Now they can slave away at annual sequels in anonymity. Yay!

(BTW: I like CoD but they really need to start doing something innovative again...)

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It bums me out that most of the sequels I want the most are from studio's that are either defunct or doing completely different things...

Viva Pinata (Stop making shit, Rare!)

Wipeout (No more Studio Liverpool...)

Road Rash (Road Redemption doesn't seem to cut it.)

Burnout (Criterion isn't what it used to be.)

Condemned (Could this still happen?)

RalliSport Challenge (What if DICE went back to making awesome rally games? With the Frostbite engine?)

Project Gotham Racing (R.I.P. Bizarre Creations...)

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@onemanx said:

I will never get the craze over the rage at pre-orders. If you want it, you want it, I'm not gonna tell an adult what to dowith their money.

If the game sucks then well... THAT game sucked, I got burned on Pre-ordering Thief,but I made out pretty good on South Park and Dark Souls II, so it's pretty much a crap shoot.

So you're saying that pre-ordering is a good way of buying games because it doesn't 'burn' you most of the time? If you didn't pre-order any of those games and just bought the one's that still seemed purchase-worthy a day or two after release, you'd probably get burned zero times.

People seem to pre-order because of pre-order bonuses but pre-order bonuses exist because publishers want you to preorder. It's basically a self-perpetuating scheme that doesn't help anyone but the publishers who want to make you feel like you're missing out. Take the tiny hit of missing out on pre-order bonuses, which are usually very trivial anyway, and the problem of having to miss out on stuff automatically goes away for everyone in the long run. If a product isn't literally a limited edition or made from something that is actually scarce, there is absolutely no reason to give a company money without getting anything in return.

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Skipping through a video will umute the sound even though the speaker icon shows it should be muted. If the sound is actually muted, using the volume slider to raise the volume seems to make the mute button unresponsive (i.e. neither icon nor volume change anymore).

I'm on Firefox 27.0.1 on Windows 7. Flash player is up-to-date and cookies were cleared :)

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Not sure about the 'Unfinished' label. It's a little ambiguous. People might think you're putting up unfinished video's...

Anyway, whatever the name, I'm happy to see you guys play a bigger variety of games.

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Do I want to support a company that lied about the necessity of the always-online bullshit and tried to spin draconian DRM into an important feature for the players? Nope.

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Sounds like a good thing to me. Slightly less giant conglomerates are better for consumers in the long run.

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Can't believe this...

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Thanks for making Giant Bomb the awesome website it is!