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Valve does what Microdon't?

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Lina with a Bloodstone!

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I played Uncharted 2 before the first one. Glad I did.

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If I'm home and know I'll leave within 30 minutes I don't take them off. Any longer than that and they fly off as fast as possible.

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There is no game I hate more then Rage. Spent 4 hours just trying to make it run properly on my AMD based computer, which it never did (even though I can run . What a pain in the ass. And to add insult to injury when I finally got it working well enough to play it there was a scripting error and bad guys didn't break down a door they were suppose to. Lost an hour of progress. Said screw it and haven't played it since.

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This is what I have to give away for the Summer Sale Cards:

Bioshock Infinite (2)

Dead Island Riptide (1)

Reus (2)

Skyrim (1)

Tomb Raider (1)

The only card I need is Prison Architect, please send me a PM if you want to trade. I'll check my messages later tonight. My steam ID is Adaurin, too.

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Where's the I still own my original SNES cartridge option!?

I've played it about 5 times but I always end up skipping the second tone until the end of the game.

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The time I beat Super Mario Bros. in 6-7 minutes by getting the first mushroom and flower, then running nonstop and not getting hit by anything through all the warp zones until intentionally running into bowser on 8-4 to get the axe right away. This was on an NES that was setup in the student longue in high school and I had over half a dozen people watching me. Was a huge rush.

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Every goddamn time he said "compewtaz" instead of "computers."