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@historyinrust: Isn't that the argument people who actually like Destiny use? Like, they all admit it is sorta trash, but they still love it anyway.

Personally, I am pretty interested to play The Order, but only after I clear my backlog a bit.

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Usually for me, a three-star review is a qualified recommendation. In this case, you will have to really like turn-based style JRPG combat, because that is the majority of the game. As I mentioned, every dungeon is just a constant parade of combat, which is why the pacing sometimes becomes a slog. Not only the amount of combat, but the amount of time spent on combat dialogues just really ruin the pacing of the game. The first time you get hit by a crit and everything pauses while the VP says "oooooh, that's gotta hurt" isn't a problem. The 30th time it happens in the same dungeon, it just gets old. Additionally, while the sheer variety of characters is great, if you use the same core team throughout the entire game it will get really boring. It's great to find a combo that really works, and nothing prevents you from using those same 3 people for the whole game, but I can't recommend doing that.

If you really like that style of combat though, and you like constantly trying different characters and teams out, it's a pretty fun game. It is a slog at times, there is a reason that 4-5 characters all have travel-based powers that help you get around faster. If you have a lot of other JRPGs on your backlog, it may be better to hold off on this unless the Earthbound style combat is really appealing to you.

Technical issues, I haven't played it in the past week or so, but I don't remember reading that they were addressed. Most of the issues seem to be avoidable, just don't let dialogue pop ups stack up with other things. Specifically notifications that "so-and-so has finished studying" or "your <item> is here" from the assorted character talents. Stop and let all those resolve before you do anything else, and you should avoid any of the crashes I experienced.

I hope that helps, let me know if there's any specific questions you had.

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Still working on my review, but I can say it caters a lot towards JRPG nostalgia, though done reasonably well. People compare it to Earthbound constantly for good reason, its the closest comparison and the game is very obviously trying to evoke that. Light-hearted, full of puns and pretty amusing comic delivery.

It's a fun game, the combat is fun and the characters all feel diverse and useful in pretty interesting ways. There's a LOT of party members to recruit. Probably one of the biggest draws for the game will be the variety of characters that play really differently. Brother is kind of a physical brawler/tank, Cook is a powerful support with severe energy limitations, Barista is a super fast high-energy character that can give a constant supply of energy for the rest of your team (and generally one of my favourite characters). It goes on and on, but each character feels very unique from the others.

The downsides are that sometimes the game just gets to be a slog. Enemies are "avoidable" so there are no real random encounters, but the enemy density is often so thick and the paths so narrow that you really can't avoid any combat. After getting past the initial area some and trying to explore/recruit new characters, I gave up after an hour slog of just fighting enemies to traverse ONE screen. There's a LOT of combat in this game. The combat is, admittedly, pretty fun but even then it can get tiresome.

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Picked it up on PS4.
The comparison to Earthbound/Pokemon is not unjustified. If you enjoy a pretty light-hearted RPG that isn't too deep, this may be up your alley. So far it hasn't seemed too difficult, though the Mascot character lets you tweak up the difficulty. There are a massive (40?) characters to unlock, you get swamped with recruit quests from the beginning, though mainly of them are not initially completable.

I enjoy it, Ill probably write a review when I finish it because I have gotten really lazy about writing reviews.

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I used it on a Hunter I had got to 60 to max engineering because I never have had an engineer. Most likely I will be playing my Monk or my Death Knight (haven't decided, both at 90. The DK is a fresh 90 and the Monk is raid geared) though, not the boosted Hunter.

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Thats unfortunate, I liked Dawngate, though I didn't play a huge amount because of Heroes. I like trying lots of different mobas, and dawn gate had some cool ideas. I played it a lot during Heroes downtime.

Progression was a CRAWL though. Slightly improved by the fact you could get heroes in the post-game packs.

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I am on Exiles Widow, with the same name as here if anybody will be playing over there.

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Basically what Tobb said, she was trying to take on the burden herself rather than having to drag vanilla into it as well. It obviously didn't really work as planned.

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My sub ran out, and I can't seem to renew it via Square's page anymore. Unfortunately, I am located in Japan so I can't buy a NA account via Steam. I don't think I could reactive my NA characters from a Japanese account? I may just have to wait for it to come out on PS4

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I don't think you necessarily need to be able to play any possible combination of race, gender, or sexuality in any video game ever made. It sounds like they just assumed a LOT about this game in advance. We don't know that it is an open-ended type game where the character doesn't matter for the story. I mean, they COULD have a legitimate argument here, that they make be able to criticize after the game actually comes out, but we hardly know at this point.

While I am all for more minorities to be represented, I don't want developers shoe-horning things in to try to appeal to every last possibly person. Maybe because I moved from a country where I was the majority in most things to a country where I am a minority, but I have learned to be pretty sparing about my outrage at these types of things. Save it for where it is called for.