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I am on Exiles Widow, with the same name as here if anybody will be playing over there.

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Basically what Tobb said, she was trying to take on the burden herself rather than having to drag vanilla into it as well. It obviously didn't really work as planned.

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My sub ran out, and I can't seem to renew it via Square's page anymore. Unfortunately, I am located in Japan so I can't buy a NA account via Steam. I don't think I could reactive my NA characters from a Japanese account? I may just have to wait for it to come out on PS4

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I don't think you necessarily need to be able to play any possible combination of race, gender, or sexuality in any video game ever made. It sounds like they just assumed a LOT about this game in advance. We don't know that it is an open-ended type game where the character doesn't matter for the story. I mean, they COULD have a legitimate argument here, that they make be able to criticize after the game actually comes out, but we hardly know at this point.

While I am all for more minorities to be represented, I don't want developers shoe-horning things in to try to appeal to every last possibly person. Maybe because I moved from a country where I was the majority in most things to a country where I am a minority, but I have learned to be pretty sparing about my outrage at these types of things. Save it for where it is called for.

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I think it always records the last 15 minutes from when you pressed share, then you go into those 15 minutes and select the footage you want.

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We mostly don't have sports teams for cities here, most sports teams represent a corporation or company. Like Soft Bank, a cell phone carrier, has a sports team. There's a few local teams, but I think outside of cheering for national Japanese teams, I can't think of basing my sports preferences based on location. That seems...sorta weird I always thought.

I usually pick the teams I like based on other qualities, like performance. Not arbitrary geographical location.

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I use Apple's mail, works great. I use a grand total of 0 google services, so the usefulness of gmail (which I assume has something to do with integration with other google services) is nonexistent for me.

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Single player, sometimes I like MP in games and I do play a few multiplayer-only games like League or MMOs but for the most part, I play games for the SP.

I am the type that never touches MP in a game until I finish the SP campaign.

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I've guess you already decided, but there is something in every FF and you can easily start anywhere, excepting the direct sequels (like XIII-2 or X-2). I would wait on FFX, they are re-releasing the HD collection of X/X-2, may as well play that version.

You can safely skip I-III, they were great games at the time but frankly don't age that well. V may be worth playing later on, so you can see the continued evolution of the job system in its different incarnations. IV and VI are both story-driven experiences that have a lot of similarities, and they hold up pretty well. Of this classic era, VI is the title to go with. I don't really agree with the opinion that it is the best Final Fantasy ever, other games that came later add a lot, but it is probably the best classic FF.

For the playstation generation, I would recommend FFVIII, I think it holds up the best of the three. 7 is a good game, but grossly overrated and graphically looks pretty jenky now. IX is one of the only Final Fantasies I didn't like, it trades mostly on nostalgia. Since you haven't played the series before, you would have no nostalgia for any FF tropes, so I can't recommend it.

For the modern FFs, 10 is generally considered to be one of the best, and it still holds up really well. As I said though, a HD remaster is coming out that may be worth waiting for. XI/XIV are MMOs, so another discussion altogether. XII, along with IX, is the other FF I really didn't like very much, but it does do some interesting things. XIII and its two sequels get a lot of hate, but they are actually pretty solid games that I enjoyed a lot. At least XIII is worth checking out, and you can try the sequels if you liked it.

TLDR: Classic generation FFVI, Playstation Generation FFVIII, Modern Generation FFX.

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I play very few FPS games, typically one or fewer a year, and for me that tends to be Killzone games. I don't like "modern military shooter" as a setting, so basically anything that isn't Resistance or Killzone is not on my radar.

I haven't touched the MP at all yet, but I am liking the campaign so far. The addition of the OWL adds a lot I think, Ive found all 4 of the abilities useful in the right situations. It took me a while to get used to, since the game is hard enough/you die fast enough that proper use of the OWL is pretty integral. Can't tell you how many times I died in that forest til I realized how important the OWL is.