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Brad, you've always been my favorite GB staff member ^_^

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Brains...... X360

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Commenting - It's kind of sad that all of the DLC combined now cost more than a retail copy of the game >_<

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@zander1123 said:
" @ADDTasty said:
" That would be amazing, but probably too amazing for the PSN. Lately, I've stopped expecting anything from the Playstation Network  =( "
really? i think alot of the games on the PSN are great, i mean just look at what we have gotten in the last month or so.... FF7 MGS, trash Panic, bomberman, we will soon get fat princess. plus all the PJ stuff and FlOw and Flower. But to each there own. 
I guess - I'm mostly just comparing it to XBLA, because I own over 50 Live Arcade games... lol.
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I've loved adventure games ever since I first played Mist back in the day...  please pick me, senpai! ^_^

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I love 'em. As someone who normally never plays a game more than one time through, they add a lot of incentive for me to keep playing a game even after i might have finished it.

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Just got my second RROD last week.

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@dsplayer1010: It's just a discussion about what giantbomb does right and what other gaming sites do wrong. What's wrong with that?
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It's not the type of movie that's supposed to give you nightmares or have you looking over your shoulder for a week. It's just a thrill ride, pure, gross fun that makes you laugh just as much as it makes you jump. And it rocks.

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Yeah, checking the device manager reveals that the card is no longer being recognized by the PC. I can't imagine what would make the card pop in and out like that on the device manager, other than it being a hardware issue.  /sigh