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Jayge_ said:
Hey man, I was a knowledgeable Target clerk. For like 7 months.
Target clerks > Walmart clerks
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Seijur0 said:
Sliced_Bread said: The Ship After reading the premise for this game, it sounds AWESOME. I'm gonna try to find it ... [more]
I've got a guest pass on Steam if you want to send me your e-mail address.

MasterOfPenguins_Zell said:
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon! [more]

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jNerd said:
I'm really interested in Aquaria now, thank you. I was wondering during that entire trailer what platform that was on. ... [more]
 This thread has finally served its purpose then XD

Yeah, check out the demo on Steam, and give it about an hour before you make any judgments. The beginning area is a little slow.
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SenatorSpacer said:
Well didn't Condemened, Too Human, The Darkness, and Golden Sun all have horrible sales?
I don't really know about their sales, but they are all well known, high profile games I think.
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End_Boss said:
H-H-H-H-HEARTBREAKER.Sorry to hear that, duder. Hopefully you can still send yours in.
Yeah, I can - it's not even 2 years old.
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SenatorSpacer said:
Golden Sun, an amazing RPGThe World Ends With You, another amazing RPG.The Darkness, probably has one of the best stories ... [more]
It's supposed to be games that people haven't played, not games that everyone's played...
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I just got a red ring of death. This is pretty much perfect timing, haha.

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Red said:
Golden Sun and The World Ends With You.
I think just about every DS owner has played TWEWY.
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Video_Game_King said:
I've played too many obscure games to count. Hell, some of my top 10 games are kinda vague.
So name one XD
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Sadly, it won't be this Wednesday. Link

Also, I think IGN's date has to be wrong, since arcade games are added on Wednesdays, and the 31st is a Sunday.