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Very happy to hear they took inspiration from Mount and Blade. Hopefully the melee combat is just as dexterous, and isn't overshadowed by ranged weapons.

My biggest worry is that the game will be as unrewarding to solo players as Planetside 2.

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My deepest condolences to Ryan's family, friends and fans.

You can't replace someone like him.

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“In entertainment, and especially in the mediums of television and video games, they are ultimately service industries,” said Jensen.

Tell that to David Lynch.
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@dagas: Medium tanks from around tier five are probably what you're looking for. You'll have the range to snipe and the mobility to engage in close-range dogfights. The game really opened up for me once I started using them. Grinding the sufficient credits and experience with just light tanks is a complete chore, though. I'd recommend investing in an SPG (aka artillery), since you're able to accumulate kills without putting yourself in harm's way.

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@Forum_User said:

I think that with the removal of last hitting and denial, along with such changes as how towers work, they are trying to make a game that is more focused on directly battling other players the whole game, and I am all for that. In fact, that is kind of exactly what I was hoping they would do. They are still making creeps important, though, maybe even more important, by letting people get better ones via fighting the neutral creeps. So I don't think the game will have a lower skill ceiling. I think that it will just be about a different skill set.

More brawling, less metagame sounds about right. Maybe that means the game won't have the lasting appeal of the established MOBA brands, but if it allows me to enjoy a game or two without having to do homework on my character, I'm all fer it.

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I pity anyone trying to go into ME3 spoiler-free. It's like BioWare wants everyone to knows everything about the game before it comes out.

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I think what Sega is doing with Guardian Heroes is smart. Re-release the original as a download and use that to gauge interest in a sequel.

To that point, I hope beyond Beyond Good and Evil HD sold well.

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Why don't these demos get shown to the public? Is it because they reveal too much about the plot?

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At least we still have Itagaki working on Devil's Third.

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I like Patrick, but in all honesty I don't come to Giant Bomb for news.

VG247, Joystiq, CVG, etc. These sites have already got it down to a fine art.
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