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My favorite part of this whole thing is where he describes the places he'll be seeking future employment: "If I do continue to work in games it’ll be as an anonymous 1 of 1000 at some shitty corporation."

Wonder if that'll come up in the interview. Tragic that the guy cannot seem to stop self-destructing, but it's also way past time somebody had to deal with actual consequences for the vitriol they spew online.

Exactly my thoughts. It's bad enough that he's brought this situation on himself, but comments like that are a surefire way to piss off future employers before he's even walked in the building for an interview (if he even gets an interview after all of this). His comments about being an anonymous cog in a larger machine are incredibly insulting to the people who work for larger devs; like he's saying if you don't work for an indie studio like he did, and decide to work for a larger studio, you're worth as a developer is somehow lessened? Just seems like a shitty thing to say on all fronts.

I think he needs to re-evaluate the way he communicates professionally before he even thinks about applying for a job again... I just hope the other devs from his old team manage to work things out with Valve, it'd be a shame for them to lose out because of one man's mistake.

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My fiance tried to play this and she's just been bogged down with server issues and Origin stupidness constantly... So tempted to just go and buy SimCity 4 on Steam and just play that instead; it's a quarter of the price, and it actually WORKS.

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@CJduke said:

The vendor for RE 4, he could ask everyone what they are buyin' and ask the shops what they are sellin' to help me make my purchase

This. His expertise as a vendor would be extremely valuable.

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RIP THQ - I've been playing Darksiders 2 and Metro 2033 in their honour.