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Campaign but first I'll check out what armour there is from the start so I can deck out my Spartan and then after I finish the campaign I'll go into multiplayer whilst playing the campaign on Legendary and then basically just tinker with everything!

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That's very kind of you! I created a thread a couple of weeks ago or so asking if anyone had any spare, would be very grateful if you could hand me one if you have any left? 
Thanks, if not then I'll just try my hand at getting them from your Twitter which has not been working for me on HaloWaypoint lol, miss out on one everytime.

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@fox01313 said:

Might be different in the full game but for this quick game I'm sure they cut as many corners as possible to keep the size down for other things.

Yeah I'm expecting the bodies in the full game to disappear after much longer considering this is only an Arcade title, you can't expect too much from it.
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@minotaka said:
" Released on my birthday :)   Gona be at HMV at 9am, jogging on the spot :D "
Aha! I chose AM delivery for my Legendary edition so I'll be waiting anxiously and staring out of the window for a delivery van and I'll also be waiting for the Reach console as well so I hope they come on the same day, I don't want to play on Reach until my console comes lol.
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13 days left... 13 days of time going at a snails pace.

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@commandercup:  Just get a broadsword and 3 bottles of OJ and hack him that's what I did but the boss is pretty overpowered I thought.
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@Pessh:  Thanks, got it and got the achievement :D
I'm currently slaughtering 1000 Zombies, 298 to go.
Spending $100,000 in the pawn shop will be a bit of a bore.
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@Pessh:  The hardhat is near the hunting store, when you go around into the hunting store for the first time you'll climb along some rooftops, when you get to the third roof you'll see a bodged walkway to another roof, it's very near there.
I can't find the paddle either, having a hard time with it.
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So is this all of them? 

 Box of nails + Baseball bat
Bucket + Power drill
Rake + Battery
Propane tank + box of nails
Newspaper + Whiskey
Shotgun + Pitchfork
Paddle + Chainsaw
Spray paint + Pylon/cone
Beer/Whiskey + Hardhat 
I needed Paddle + Chainsaw, Beer + Hardhat and Spray paint + Pylon/cone.

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@EpicSteve:  So far I have gotten:

Can't think of any others yet.