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You own 163 games worth: $2,199.43 USD

Yeah. Those humble bundles are starting to add up I think.

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@Taka: I think that I can not add to what everyone else has said about the relationship so I will instead give you some advice if your relationship does end. Keep your friends close, trust me I failed to do this after my last real breakup. It is so much harder without a support network.

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About time

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Humble Bundle 4 extra games (Gratuitous Space Battles and Cave Story+)

Alpha Protocol




Rock of ages

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@samface6: My advice. Keep active. Go the gym work out and build your confidence again.

The hardest thing I found after my last big breakup was that I felt rather worthless and seeing the results of working out made me feel better. Also women I knew started to notice and flirt with me.

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So since I have loaded up Battlefield I have had to use Origin. I started adding games to it but I could not add Bulletstorm. There are a couple of posts of people complaining to EA but EA not replying. Has anybody else had a problem with this?

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@Moppy said:

Brian LEAHY, watcha gonna SAY-EE on the front PA-EE-GEE?

Oh man, if Brian joins Whiskey Media, I will be a very happy man.

I second this. Brian's sense of humour would fit in perfectly with the Whiskey media crew.

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I have got to say. I love Patrick's news stories. Great addition to GB.

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My personal suggestion would be to go for the short stories rather than the "Horus Heresy".  I think if I was new to the universe I would struggle to get into them. At least with the short stories you and dip in and out of the different aspects of the universe. 
I would go for Let the Galaxy Burn (if you can get it) , then you can go Space Marine or Imperial Guard
Personally I prefer the Imperial Guard and you can get some really cheap collections.