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Never ended up getting the event invite. Was there something I missed?

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your link for the streamer on Pokemon Snap has a typo, it's supposed to be Karmerz, not Karmarz

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I preordered from MS store online and they didn't charge my card yet it seems by looking at the online statement.

They also put down $0 for day 1 shipping, but Amazon will probably also offer that.

There doesn't seem to be a way to cancel, at least on that page but you could probably call the number with the receipt number to cancel the order.

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I have a 64GB SDXC card in my 3DS and it works great

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Whoever sees this first gets it I guess...


The question marks are the initials of a calculator company

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looks like its fixed

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I'm hesitant to replace the deleted edits, in fear that more will just be deleted again.

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I was adding some metadata to the Kentucky Route Zero wiki page and as I added data, some of the data around it got deleted.

You can look at the following edits:

This one added some data to release pages, but it deleted some of the other data related to that release, specifically platform, region, and release date

This one linked some concepts, locations, etc, and I tried to add the Adventure genre (doesn't look like it took) but deleted the list of characters, as well as the list of platforms

This final one I made to try to repopulate the platforms and genre, as well as the character list, but it ended up deleting the release date, developer, and publisher

As another note, when I went to re-add the characters, the search bar showed both characters (Conway, Shannon) as being already linked to 1 Game, (presumably Kentucky Route Zero) but when I went to their character pages, they were not. I would guess that this is just a caching thing in the search bar, but thought that I'd pass it along anyways.

Edit: Using Chrome 24 on Windows 8

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@rflx said:

Made this for another thread, might as well throw it in here as well.

What other thread could you have possibly made this for?

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@DiscountLlama said:

@triple07: Just checked on the store, it doesn't mention a size -.-. And previous 3DS games have been from 2000 blocks to a hair over 4000. The demo was ~1100 blocks if memory serves, but I don't think that is any indication of final size.

In summary: We wont know until it goes up on the store!

Prof. Layton & The Miracle Mask was 6323 and I wouldn't be surprised if this is much closer to that than anything else that's come out on the eShop.

The Fire Emblem demo was 1024 itself!