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I just refreshed and got chat dragoned

That happen to anyone else?

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Game of show by a long shot for me so far

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NDX theme should definitely be here

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@BisonHero: Is it that they let you add money to the wallet, or that you just pay the balance of your transaction separately.

Usually I don't use Steam wallet, but I remember that last time I did, something ran over what the balance was and I think it just asks you how to pay the balance of the transaction, rather than asking you to add money to the wallet first.

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@Mikemcn: kinda, there are pages in between where you are confirming your payment, but I do agree to an extent

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I recently got an American Express gift card. For the most part, I've found these to not work at many places in Canada.

I was able to use parts of it on other purchases, and found myself with $9.20 left on it.

I often buy things on Steam, so I figured that I could put it into my Steam wallet and it would just get used when I buy something there. One problem: no custom amounts for adding money.

Hovering over the add funds link I found that it just calls a javascript function with the amount to add (the one I used specifically calls javascript:submitAddFunds( 500 ); for $5.00).

Using developer mode in Chrome (analogs exist in IE and Firefox) allows for you to change what that link calls, so I just changed the number to 920, and I was able to add precisely the $9.20 that I wanted to.

Just thought I'd share this trick in case anyone else ended up in a similar situation.

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I just heard, adam sessler is going to replace brad at giant bomb

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maybe the late bombcast because there's a new NDX today?



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just listened:

"this came out today, oh wait yesterday, we'll get used to that"

they started early

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@PrivateIronTFU: that's a bold position to take