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NDX theme should definitely be here

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@BisonHero: Is it that they let you add money to the wallet, or that you just pay the balance of your transaction separately.

Usually I don't use Steam wallet, but I remember that last time I did, something ran over what the balance was and I think it just asks you how to pay the balance of the transaction, rather than asking you to add money to the wallet first.

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@Mikemcn: kinda, there are pages in between where you are confirming your payment, but I do agree to an extent

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I recently got an American Express gift card. For the most part, I've found these to not work at many places in Canada.

I was able to use parts of it on other purchases, and found myself with $9.20 left on it.

I often buy things on Steam, so I figured that I could put it into my Steam wallet and it would just get used when I buy something there. One problem: no custom amounts for adding money.

Hovering over the add funds link I found that it just calls a javascript function with the amount to add (the one I used specifically calls javascript:submitAddFunds( 500 ); for $5.00).

Using developer mode in Chrome (analogs exist in IE and Firefox) allows for you to change what that link calls, so I just changed the number to 920, and I was able to add precisely the $9.20 that I wanted to.

Just thought I'd share this trick in case anyone else ended up in a similar situation.

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I just heard, adam sessler is going to replace brad at giant bomb

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maybe the late bombcast because there's a new NDX today?



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just listened:

"this came out today, oh wait yesterday, we'll get used to that"

they started early

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@PrivateIronTFU: that's a bold position to take

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this was discussed on the Tested podcast today

it spiraled out of control

this is the best thing that could have ever happened on that podcast

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Now that all of the main DLC is out, would it be possible to update the achievement text and pictures to the correct ones, rather than the "DLCXX Achievement Y" versions