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Thank you, Jeff.

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Also of note is the fact that Patrice Desilets, the former Assassin's Creed creative director who left Ubisoft to pursue new opportunities at THQ, is now back with his former publisher for at least the moment.

Must suck to be him...

It must suck to get bought by the company you used to work for.

Jeff Green would also like to say something.

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Figure of speech, meaning - [Relic is] the best thing THQ has and should be handled that way.

I always find it funny when somebody puts one developer under THQ on a pedestal and goes, "nah, man, these guys will SAVE THQ! No man, you're not listening! These guys can DO IT!"

And they continue to name off a franchise or series that like twelve people played and say that's how it'll be done. *makes farty noise with tongue*

It's more that they're studios that make quality, profitable games. They just don't make games profitable enough to cover THQ's disasters.

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Never go anywhere outside of work with your boss/employees. Ever. Moral of the story. They can sue you too easily. Just.. weird. I don't know either of these people enough to make a value judgement on them. But if she wiped those assets she deserves to pay for it. And if he truly assaulted her he also deserves to pay.

Alternately, don't consider the fact that someone is the opposite gender from you to be permission to be physical and dismissive of their relationship status, especially if you are their boss.

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This is the worst deflection ever. "It's not our fault because they decided not to do it."

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I'm curious as to who said any updates are free? Tim Schafer said they cost money regardless of if it's the first or 100th link

As I recall, the first Fez patch was free because Fish was able to make a deal with Microsoft, but when the first patch launched with one big issue it caused this problem.

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I know I'm probably missing something, but why would it matter what time of day you launched a game on a digital service?

Because anyone who browses New Releases will be doing so the next day, by which point anything that released after 3AM will have shoved it back.

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Am I wrong that the GB crew had videos before and after every press conference last year? I distinctly remember them metting outside before the conferences and talking about what they expect and then meeting afterward.

What the heck is going on with the major slacking? But hey, at least I can rest assured that they spent hours last week in front of green screens pantomiming for "bits." Dudes, I all I want is you guys to stand in front of a camera often, maybe talk over some game footage from time to time, and podcast, all in a timely fashion. Spend less time playing with fucking toys. Take for of you and get in front of a camera an start talking about goddamn E3.

Yeah... that didn't happen. There were a few post-press conference wrap up videos, but it was nowhere near before and after every press conference.
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What makes the videogame industry so different? Why are the people at 38 studios still working, when they didn't get paid? Are the opportunities so limited that it's acceptable? Have they been promised greater rewards, and they believe the company will succeed enough to deliver? I just don't get it...why hasn't this company been looted by it's employees yet?? :O)

A big part of it is that people get heavily invested in creative projects, especially ones they've been working on for upwards of six years. I would also guess that the majority of their employees aren't supporting families and/or aren't living month-to-month.
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People are dumb, therefore to sell lots of copies of your video game it must also be dumb. It's simple marketing. People like things that are big, shiny, loud and moronic. Like Micheal Bay movies or Affliction t-shirts. People don't want to think, they want to be entertained. Overall, the average human IQ has dropped 40 points since 1980*.

This is the wrongest thing I've read today. 

*I made this up but believe it to be 100% accurate based on a theory I have where I blame home computers for making us dumber instead of the usual scapegoat, television. 
We have a new champion.
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GiantBomb: classiest of gentlemans.