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MMOs are still cool, right? No? Well, shit.

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They could not have made a more Eastern European video then they did. It's literally impossible for that video to be any more Ukrainian than it already is.

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Cutting the MMO is probably for the best. The last thing an ailing game publisher needs is an ambitious MMO project.

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Cool/sad for the developer. Cool because they are now, hopefully, rich as shit. Sad because everything I've heard suggests Zynga is an awful place to work. Hopefully they got enough money that when they get sick of Zynga and quit they'll be able to start something cool.

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Holy crap Amazon is in on the Bioware/EA conspiracy to release a bad ending and make us all think it's fine!

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@UnAbel said:

By the way, Giant Bomb, I'd like to point out that Miranda herself, you know, the guy you guys are white knighting so hard for? Yeah, she spoke out against these articles. There was a reason she turned you AND Destructoid down, Patrick:!/Super__Yan/status/174601661401149440


That's not true. She spoke out against Destructoid's because it was written as if she had spoken to them. She liked GiantBomb's article. 
And just because Aris is a general shitstain doesn't mean he's not also a sexist shitstain.
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This belongs here because the iPad is a pretty big gaming platform now. Whether or not you like it, or think it's worse than DS/PSP is a different discussion entirely.

So are PC's but you don't see GB announcing new laptops. Besides Tested has an article about this already.

New laptops don't represent a dramatic change in platform.
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A little rubbed the wrong way that I'll be paying for a service Silver Members get for free. Maybe they'll extend existing Gold Members accounts a few weeks.

Oh for f's sakes... isn't the entitlement thing going just a tad bit far here?

Entitlement never goes too far on the Internet.
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And I repeat from the story a couple days ago: You haven't been able to play it for over a year on the DS for what reason exactly?

DSs are stupid.

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It's an intriguing concept, but am I the only one that keeps picturing The IT Crowd?

I'm okay with this.