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I thought they were "100%" sure they knew who the pirates were? Now they drop it?

100% sure is lies and bullshit. It was lies and bullshit when the RIAA said it and it was lies and bullshit when CD Projekt said it.
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I don't have any opinion on how this will affect/has affected the AC series, but I feel it doesn't reflect while on conditions in that studio and it's relationship with the game that creative directors don't want to keep being creative directors. 

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People raging against Bethesda as "the big guy" don't really have a very good memory of what Interplay was/tried to be in the 1998-2003 period. 

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The problem is clearly derp.

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It's a new franchise. How can you guess a new franchise? It's not Jazz because it's a new franchise.

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I'm in Canada so I'm sure I'll never get any of this. Pretty sure I pay the same price as Americans for all these "premium features" too haha

but if you pay in Canadian dollars it's not real money anyways, so...
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@Brodehouse said:
Chris Avellone writing a South Park game. Fuckin shit, Goddamn, fuck.
I think you said it best.
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@TwoLines said: 

Ehhh, that's like saying I've bought 10-30 iphone games instead of Skyrim/BF3/Batman AC, and I liked them. It's not really the same. That's like watching a whole bunch of sucky TV shows instead of going to the movies and watching a great film. I dunno, whatever works for you I guess.

I can buy 10-30 iPhone games for when I want the quick, mobile experience, then spend the $40-60 on Skyrim/BF3/AC when I want the deep, console experience. It's the in-between zone where the modern handheld exists that I don't think is viable anymore.
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@Contro said: 

Are you seriously suggesting that you've had comparable gaming experience on iPhone?.

The current aim for developers creating software for 3DS and Vita, in light of developments elsewhere in the industry, is to up the quality and experience, far in excess of what's possible on other handheld devices, which I should add lack conventional control methods and unique features which both these handheld's possess. That's exactly what we're seeing now with this move, but it comes at a price. The game is huge and the quality bar is very high (read the forum), this sadly requires Capcom to use a 4GB cart which comes at considerably more cost to them.

A whole lotta love has gone into this game, and resources, the same cannot be said for the vast majority of throw-away gaming experiences on iPhone.

But I can buy 10-30 iPhone games that will give me anywhere between a throwaway and a long-lasting (Dungeon Raid, Jetpack Joyride, Coin Drop, PvZ, etc) experience for the cost of one DS game.
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Oh, Japan. You really have no idea what's happening, do you?