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@alistercat: It might be. We're not getting the discount in Australia.
@marokai: It's standard operating procedure for Microsoft. Every one of their consoles ever made had been sold at a loss, with the idea of making the money back on software.

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Just finished Book 1. Amazing.

Some of the best and funniest writing of the series yet. Environments are outstanding. Conversations way more in depth.

Some technical issues, but if that bothers you, wait a week.

@jaqen_hghar You could skip TLJ, but Dreamfall would be pretty worthwhile playing prior, as both that game and the new game tell Zoe's story.
TLJ is the first half of April Ryan's story, and they are planning on doing a game set in between TLJ and Dreamfall (10 year gap) that is the second half of April Ryans story. April is a playable character in Dreamfall as well, but is there to support Zoe's story.
TLJ is definitely worth playing though, and definitely parts of Dreamfall are there to reference it.

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This is gold.

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Steam Library - All Games 414

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Wow, I got a XBOX ONE on release day in Aus and been having a blast. Needs more games, but Dead Rising 3, BF4, COD, AC4, and NBA2k14 are all awesome.

My 360 broke a few years ago, and my PS3 has been broken for about a year, so I might have been a bit more keen.

I also plan on getting both, but PS4 launch list was terrible, so I will wait until about March. Had the PS4 been able to play PS3 games like Beyond 2 Souls, The Last of US and Uncharted 3 (which I got halfway through before my PS4 got thrown off a balcony - long story, don't ask).

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@mrgtd: Could have been a stealth game. You could argue why was the walking dead not a action game...
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the shooting, but making the middle of the screen face the bad guy and pull the trigger has been done to death. And then some.
It's actually an interesting question though, how can you present a story and a world like that, without making the combat so generic, or needing the combat to be the main focus.

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I get what your saying to an extent.

I love Jeff to bits, but my taste is as often the same as his, as it is the opposite. For example, I'm zombie crazy, and jeff will never enjoy anything with any kind of zombie in it.

Same with Ryan why we were lucky enough to have him. He used to complain and act stupid at the sight of boobs. But stabbing guys as the central game play mechanic was fine, even sought after. I'm a realist, and would rather get Boobed in the head, then Stabbed. In the end, sex and nudity is pretty harmless, and violence kills people. But I'm not American, so I don't get a hard on for guns, which seems to be the case. The guilt over erotic feelings for violence makes them hate our natural state, which also can be erotic.

It is a positive though, the growth of gaming. I can have my adult adventure, and Jeff can play the same core mechanic he has enjoyed for 20 years, making the middle of the screen face someone, and pulling a trigger.

I also see a lot of gaming fatigue with the guys. There reason for complaining about Assassins Creed Revelations for example, was centered around you not playing your typical ideal male demographic of a protagonist. They were literally arguing that the game was worse for not having the same good guy every other game has had, ever. Then turn around and complain that they don't see enough new stuff in big games. They miss the part where they are part of the problem.

As much reverence as we have for these guys, their opinions should be considered, not automatically adopted.

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I thought revelations was great.
Such a dark twisted ending to Ezio's story.
The ending was really sad, watching old ezio struggle to walk, then like Yoda burst into an attack for a second to fight for his home.
Won't say much more, but the main critique of this game seemed to be 'I don't want to play old Ezio' and dislike of the not so Disney-happy ending.
I enjoyed old Ezio and seeing his perspective later on, I also liked the emotional dark end.

AC1 I thought the game was great, liked the main character, but moved on about halfway through. AC3 had a really weak opening and I don't like the main character, but the homestead and boat missions where actually pretty cool.

So I guess AC1 as it didn't inspire me to finish it.

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Had no problems partying up for Dead RIsing.