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#1 Posted by Adrenaline (56 posts) -

I don't really understand the need for this.

#3 Posted by Adrenaline (56 posts) -

They're the same game.  Small differences between versions are not different games.

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The differences between SF 2 versions are big gameplay differences with tweaks to the balance and new characters.  Subsistence adds a couple extras and a multiplayer component that isn't even active anymore.  Gears of War for the PC contains an entire chapter of new content and is considered the same game.

#5 Posted by Adrenaline (56 posts) -

It's the same game with more content.  A really good rerelease, but a rerelease.

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You're pretty much running on fumes now, man.  Maybe you should take a breather.

#7 Posted by Adrenaline (56 posts) -
Guiltyspark said:
"have you fucking listened to their podcasts?

They have said multiple times how excited they were that people were submitting so much new stuff they didnt think about

Give me one reason , just one , that effects you that users shouldnt be able to submit their own wiki pertaining to a certian gun in an FPS 

Oh ya thats right , i know what you are thinking " bu bu but then people would get excited and post more submissions of their favorite guns in shooters and nobody would approve mine ;( "

jesus christ , grow up "

You're still just interpreting what you think they mean.  Maybe we should submit object pages for all the different kinds of light bulbs we've seen in games, or all the different kinds of engine parts you can customize your cars with in driving sims.  The possibilities are endless!

Maybe you should stop swearing at people and learn correct spelling and word usage before you tell others to grow up.
#8 Posted by Adrenaline (56 posts) -

What makes you so positive you're correct about the site's intentions?  Have you confirmed it with the creators before you began talking down to everyone who disagreed with you?

#9 Posted by Adrenaline (56 posts) -

Those characters are named in the credits.  I can't think of a single time a Colossus is named in that game.

#10 Posted by Adrenaline (56 posts) -

Since neither name appears in the actual game, it makes sense for the number to be the page title, and the others to be used as aliases.

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