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I was going to say my Mega-CD but then I remembered the year I bough the OG Atari Lynx, not only did it have only 3 good games (Rygar, California Games and Ninja Gaiden) I also had to have a part-time job just to keep the thing in batteries, I swear it burned thru 6 Duracell a day.

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Mine has been sitting in a drawer since a week after launch, anyone who wants to give me £20 for the damn thing can have it.

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Multi-platform gaming FTW.

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I'm English and I pronounce it Yo-she, as does everyone I know.

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So is this basically Netflix for games? Am I understanding that right? Seems like a great deal if you can just pick and choose any (EA) game to play at anytime.

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Definitely Dragon Age, Witcher 2 bored me to tears.

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Pouring a sip of breast milk on the concrete for the greatest friend I never had. R.I.P Ryan Davis you are missed every single day. Happy Birthday duder

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So very conflicted about this news. On the one hand it's always good to change things up before it gets stale and the idea of GB expanding is very encouraging. However my concern is that this might be a case of taking a solid unit that works well together and spreading it out too thin. Jeff, Brad, Vinny and Drew are entertaining as hell when they feed off each other but on their own, not so much and I think the bombcast and UPF especially will suffer from losing that dynamic. I'm not implying that this is the beginning of the end of GB and I'm really hoping this turns out to be a great move but for now Im skeptical. PS FFS hire Danny already.