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I was in the Left 4 Dead 2 TNT and while I tried not to use my mic out of fear of saying something stupid or distracting, there was a point in the game where I just kept getting attacked by the other team as their seemingly sole target. So I finally spoke something into the mic "Why do you guys hate me so much!?" and while it wasn't really intended to be funny but it caused Ryan to laugh. I felt like there was no topping that so I never spoke the rest of the time and it's really insignificant in the grand scheme of things but I was glad I at least brought him a slight moment of joy.

happens here at about 15:30

It's going to take time getting used to not hearing him in new bombcasts and videos. Wish I had something stronger to say, but I've never been great at this sort of thing. Miss you already, man.

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@Ares42 said:

Why would you ever give people money before counting the change they gave you ? Hell, they don't even have to con you to take advantage of that situation. They can just hand you a bunch of bills and say it's 200$ then you hand them the money before counting and they can just take off.

Yeah I feel like I'm missing something. The whole scam seems dependent on the cashier giving the change before they get the bill. In what situation would you ever do that? I've worked as a cashier and there is literally never a time I would have done that, no matter how "busy" things were.

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Why? Do I need one for something?

I don't?

Then no.

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Pretty sure this is answered in Mass Effect 2's loading screens itself. You can't import a save to ME3 where Shepard died.

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The fact that I never have played CT is what kept me going. Had I played it before I may have stopped early because it's just not all that interesting to watch. Persona 4 and Deadly Premonition's voice acting is a key part in making them watchable games.

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This name is apparently more prevalent in foreign countries, so while I'm not likely to see it used as a handle on any forums, I typically have to add numbers after it when using a more popular service like gmail or Steam. So I know it's out there as an actual name and people use it, but it still kinda weirds me out if I do see someone with the name in an online game or something.

Still, I much prefer it to going by something super common and boring (like Neo) or something cool when you're 12 that ends up being embarrassing later (like XxSephirothGokuxX).

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@Matfei90: You couldn't just.. load an older save?

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Mass Effect 3 for sure, because I honestly don't know what else is scheduled to be released. Not too interested in Diablo 3.

Actually I look forward to FFXIII-2. I might be the only one but I'll play it and enjoy it and that's all that matters.

Yeah I know I don't meet the requirements to win but felt like posting anyway.

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Load Our Last Save: Halo