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Do people constantly ask for FF7 to be remade because it is totally garbage when played in a modern context?

Sort of. Depends on what you mean by "garbage" because as far as gameplay and story goes, it's not really any worse than some of the things we still get today (FFXIII anyone?)

Graphically, well, yeah it's the first PS1 FF, a lot of PS1 games could use an overhaul. I still maintain that it has some really nice looking pre-rendered environments, though.

There are a couple of reasons FFVII would be my choice to be remade.

1: Better translation. FFVII has a really poor English localization. Spelling and grammar errors, along with phrasing that makes a lot of dialogue make no sense. A lot of the detail of the world is lost due to these errors, and some of them are so obvious that it's unforgivable that they got by in the first place (This guy are sick.)

2: Introduce new generation to a solid RPG while simultaneously refreshing some older gamers on how the game and characters really acted. Thanks to horrible spinoffs, a pointless movie, and general Internet forum hyperbole, things in FFVII are rarely remembered accurately. Cloud isn't a mopey crybaby. He starts off a cold loner but becomes a pretty loyal companion to his friends, and even has a decent sense of humor. Aeris isn't an innocent princess. She was flirty, energetic, and liked dangerous adventures. Ideally the remake would forget anything in the FFVII compilation exists, and just focus on the game itself and retain these original personalities.

3: This is a more personal reason, but it was the first really cinematic game I ever played so it'll always hold a special place in my mind. Seeing things that blew me away when I was 13 in a fresh new way might reinvigorate some of that nostalgia. There aren't many games that blew me away like it did.

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Really enjoying the Fear Gauntlet. Kessler is a pretty amusing guy and he and Steve have done a great job with that series overall. Keep it up, Bodega.

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Tipping40's are pretty funny if you like laid back group commentary. I think their Tales of Symphonia LP is their funniest especially since they play it 4 player, but I'd start with FFX since it was their first.

Freelance Astronauts - Also group commentary. My personal favorite is the Master Quest LP, but a lot of the stuff in there is good, like the terrible Zelda CDI games, Vice City, and a pretty hilarious New Super Mario Bros. Wii run.

Animal Crossing by Chewbot - A dark narrative depicting the true, malicious intentions of Tom Nook and the horrors of "Camp". This is a must read.

Dwarf Fortress, Boatmurdered - A succession game of Dwarf Fortress played by a bunch of different people with dwarves named for SA forum members. Even if you don't understand Dwarf Fortress (I didn't) it really shows how weird and hilarious the game can be. It takes a bit of patience since it's a lot of reading and you have to use your imagination for a lot of the screenshots but it's really worth it.

That's all I got for now. Also tossing in my recommendations for already mentioned LPers like Slowbeef/Diabetus and Pokecapn.

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1. Not even sure where that one came from either. Not very active on the forums nor do I really have any interest in making blog posts.

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There was a lot of shitty music in 1995, too. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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"Do you know about Shin Megami Tensei games? Cause I sure as hell don't!"

You do now, Jeff. You do now.

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This PA comic was about the Wii but it conveniently works for the 3DS as well:

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@eroticfishcake said:

Good arguments but...Heavy Rain is kinda awful bro' so you kinda lose by default. Uh-hmm? Also, SimCity would've been a good choice but alas, Guitar Hero was seemed inevitable really.

Heavy Rain is awful but that doesn't invalidate Nick's argument (as he himself stated he didn't like it). You don't have to like something to consider it artistic. I have to give my vote to Nick, especially for arguing for Heavy Rain despite his feelings on it. I'd say the part where he mentions having to make the fatherly choice spoke to me more of an artistic game than Guitar Hero.

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Kessler, what happened? Your arguments up until now had been so good. Did you actually play FFVII? I still vote for you though because I guess I just have a hard time believing anyone has ever cried over Parappa.