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Call Me a Sucker 0

Licensed games: the bane of video gamers everywhere. They've gained a notorious reputation for a reason. Superman 64. Iron Man 2. Spider-Man 3. E.T on the Atari. These games and more have been deemed quick cash-ins for minimal effort. That's not to diminish the people who have to work on them, but given the constraints many of them work in they don't have much to work with.The Gundam franchise has largely spared American audiences from its games because most of the shows never made it across the...

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Returning to Form 0

Sonic the Hedgehog. One of gaming's most enduring icons, but not for lack of trying. The past ten years have not been kind to the blue blur. The Dreamcast was canned, attempts to branch out in terms of gameplay from Sonic Heroes to Shadow the Hedgehog produced heavily mixed results, and then it hit its all-time low with Sonic the Hedgehog. But the series has slowly been on the rise again, and on his twentieth anniversary Sonic has a game that can finally satisfy his broken fanbase.The game's gim...

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You Already Know If You Want to Play This Game 0

The Dynasty Warriors franchise has been labelled as a button mashing extravaganza by gamers at large for years. After roughly half a dozen iterations, pseudo-rereleases with new content, two Gundam spinoffs, and a version involving Fist of the North Star, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 conceptually has a difficult task ahead of itself- convincing you that it's not a simple button masher. The Dynasty Warriors formula has always gone something like this- you're a powerful dude. Kill tons of ...

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Cities in- Is it 3 in the Morning Already? 0

(Note: This review reflects the availability of DLC content for the game)  When one thinks of a city-based simulation game, one thing comes to mind for two different audiences. For people vaguely familiar with the genre, they think of SimCity. For people who've played SimCity games, they rip their hair out remembering how much bullshit they had to go through to learn how to build an effective transportation system. So when a game like Cities in Motion comes out that centers entirely around creat...

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No Review Will Ever Explain This Game 0

There's the very occasional game that defies conventional review. A lot of the time, this goes for games with highly unusual gameplay or something so out there that traditional review criteria aren't going to cut it. Given 'the King' and his troubled development history, this is going to be one of those games.  The gameplay doesn't feel like any first person shooter in recent memory. Yes, there's the standard gun shenanigans and melee attacks, but some relics from an era kept only alive by the U...

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How the Mighty Have Fallen 0

There's a generation of gamers now that are old enough to fondly remember the Sonic the Hedgehog games. This generation may have picked up one of the Genesis games as among the first games they ever owned, if not *the* first games they owned. It had a simple formula, and offered a unique platformer that gave Sega its answer to Mario. To say that time has not been kind to Sonic is like saying it's a bad idea to wear a heavy coat in ninety degree weather. Sonic's games have been on a s...

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The Peak and Fall of the Collectathon 0

The Donkey Kong franchise hadn't seen an honest-to-god platformer in three years. The titular character hadn't even been the star of his own game in almost twice that span of time. With the Midas touch that Rare seemed to possess with the genre, combined with being the codifiers of the collectable-centric game thanks to Banjo-Kazooie, it wasn't ever really questioned if Donkey Kong 64 was going to be good- the question was just how good it would be.  Donkey Kong 64 is, to its credit, a tech...

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The Last Great Sonic Games 0

It's not a great secret that the Sonic series has seen better days. Much, much better days. Though the series has reclaimed some small portion of its mojo recently with Sonic Unleashed, the fanbase remains burnt by a series of extremely bad or not so great games on the 'main' consoles. While the series continued to deliver on handhelds, its big-budget counterparts couldn't quite replicate the magic that the original games oozed.   The Sonic Adventure series was arguably the closest it eve...

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An Underrated and Overlooked Gem 0

The Nintendo 64 was a breeding ground for the at-the-time new genre of 3D platforming from its release of Super Mario 64. Many other games have tried to recapture the essence of what made Mario 64 such a great game, with few games coming close (Banjo-Kazooie and its sequel, Donkey Kong 64) and a few games on other systems completely missing the point (Bubsy 3D). While Rocket: Robot on Wheels never became a best-selling game, it proved to be unique enough to stand on its own in a sea of platforme...

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