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As someone who has been frequenting Polygon this has destroyed the credibility of a lot of their editors for me.

I'm okay with editors being honest and giving their opinions, but when you're being an asshole about it your credibility has been flushed away.

I followed polygon for three reasons Brian Crecente Justin McElroy, and Arthur Gies. Arthur gave Dead Space 3 a 9 and I don't agree, but that's okay I still enjoy his writing and personality.

These guys being cynical assholes for two hours and at the end trying to make Justin look like someone without credibility because he enjoyed games that a majority of people didn't ruins their credibility more than it did his.

Ugh typing this on an iPad was a chore. These text boxes don't work very well atm.

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@Carncarn: Heady Topper is only available in Vermont and if you get the chance try it. Easily my favorite IPA.

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I got to share one with a co-worker at a bottle shop I work at. The beer is fantastic. Glad I got the opportunity to try something so sought after. I wish they would do this for more than just the Westie project. Their monastery could make a lot of money if the just exported their beer regularly.

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  • Class: Necromancer
  • Weapons: Scepter/Dagger, Staff
  • Play-style: Condition/Bleed.
    Kite a couple of mobs together and then throw tons of status effects on one of them. When one is full apply vulnerablilty to myself and spread the conditions to the other mobs in the area.
    If they have pretty high health switch to staff and spam marks. If they're going down easily sit back and continue to auto attack as I watch the beautiful damage number fountain spew from large groups in unison.
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Enjoyed this during the beta so i definitely want back in.

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Man that's crappy news. Greg is one of my favorite games journalists. I hope he doesn't have too rough a time. Get better man. BEYOND!

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Thanks a ton man.

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Gorky 17 also called Odium.

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Oh man you guys ran all of those? Been off for a day and I miss so much.