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There's only one new fall anime that's caught my eye so far. The animation looks pretty good judging from the promo. It's based on a card game, so no idea how the story will turn out.

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I feel like I should've tried to draw something for this.

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@babychoochoo: @timeleap: All I have to say about the most recent chapter of Naruto is that it's cemented Sakura as the most pathetic fictional character I've ever seen.

The only reason she's had for liking Sasuke was his looks. That's all. He abandoned her team, he knocked her the fuck out, he joined an outlaw group and swore to destroy her village, he tried to murder her. Now he wants to kill Naruto and prove that power is what being a Hokage is all about, because apparently Madara wasn't lesson enough for him. He's a betrayer through and through.

What legitimate reason does she have to love him?

Only one: she's a pathetic dumbass.

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Don't be silly. Everyone knows that Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem isn't a real game. It's a dream. A hopeful but fleeting dream.

Development in progress.

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@theht: Oh, I should add Hyper Light as well.

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This seems like a fine time to ask for an update and see where people's interests lie with regards to the future of video games.

Any games you mention should at least be announced

My list looks a little something like...



Wii U:


  • Persona Q
  • Atlus, please make another standalone game akin to Radiant Historia (woops, I...)
  • Shu Takumi, please make another standalone game akin to Ghost Trick (...broke my own rule)

Xbox One:

No current plans on getting an Xbone, but I just might if those two games deliver and a few more exclusives I'm interested in pop up.

Around 52% of my list consists of Japanese games. Kind of an even split between West and East.

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The action scenes in season 3 were very well done and if this seasons ends up being that 80% of the time, then I'm into it.

Also, I won't be able to discuss at least the first few episodes of the show until the Sunday of their release week.

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Fullmetal Alchemist and Bakuman.

I've heard good things abut Berserk, Vagabond, Pluto, and I'm a few chapters into Monster, which I've been enjoying thus far.

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@aegon: I think that's the main character (same voice actor)

And wow, first time hearing Naoto's new voice and it was a lot more noticeable than I thought it'd be.

But...this is a video game.

He's just supposed to say "Persona!"

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Did she just say "Med-bull gives you wings"? Or was it "M__ will give you wings"

Can't tell exactly.

Also, why is Adachi's voice at the end there?