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Smooth. I like it.

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@shevar said:

So, what's left on the Wii U this year?

Splatoon looks like a lot of fun and Xenoblade Chronicles X if you're into what that game is.

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What SRPGS are at the top of your list?

I've really enjoyed a few of them and it's a shame that Japan's output in the genre has trickled down to pretty much just what IS puts out and Disgaea (which I haven't been able to get into). It's a genre with a huge potential.

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Did you download the patch? I heard there's a 3GB one, but it might only be available after the official release time.

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Investigation Team and Squad 7 come to mind. Also the Q-force from Ratchet and Clank: UYA.

Although you have a party in practically every RPG, so the line is kind of blurry when you want to distinguish between a team and a party.

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I'm guessing it went a little something like...

KOJIMA: "That's it! I''m done. My team is done. Blood, sweat and tears have been poured into this. We're ending it on a high note and you won't get another Metal Gear from me or my crew!"

KONAMI: "Well fuck you guys. We don't need new IPs, we need MGS money. Find someone else to fund your crazy."

And Konami dooms its game division, having no faith in Kojima's ability to create a new and profitable franchise for them. A sad tale (and likely unfair to Konami).

Edit: I just realized that Kojima will likely no longer have access to his beloved Fox Engine. That sucks.

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Outside of the asterisked games, that list seems like speculation, however...

In a recent interview, an Atlus employee said that he started at the company working on an RPG that is innovative and different from previous Atlus games and has not been announced yet. He's still working on the same game. Of course, SMT X FE has technically already been announced (duh), but it hasn't been "revealed" yet. This employee started on the project 2 years ago and SMT x FE was announced on January 23, 2013 (2 years ago). Also he works for Atlus' Creative department 1st Production, which I believe is responsible for the SMT games. 2nd Production is P Studio.

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@bigjeffrey: Thanks. With regards to Toradora, I'm guessing that emote means you really didn't like it? The reason it's on the list is because it's a highly rated show in a genre that I never really wanted to touch. Thought I might try it out. Anything in particular you didn't like about it?