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@corruptedevil said:

no spotify in canada :(

Yeah, my entry for his summerjam list was accepted, but ain't no spotify here, so...

@ben_h said:

I still listen to the Summer Jam playlist (the Rdio variant of it because music streaming companies hate Canada) on a near-daily basis, semi-weekly at the least. It is a great soundtrack for working out to. Lots of high energy music.

Explain how to do this. What is an Rdio and how do I listen to summer jams on it?

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@marcsman said:

Book spoiler

Is this season finally gonna reveal Victarion Greyjoy?

That's hard to judge until we get a Greyjoy scene.

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@marcsman said:

What I cannot seem to remember in the show is. Who the heck went off with Rickon when Bran & him separated? They didn't send that little kid off with just a direwolf, or did they?

Osha the Wildling. Same as in the books.

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@slashdance said:

The spoiler tags are super confusing in this thread. I don't know what's show spoiler and what's book spoiler.

Ok, I'll edit this into the opening post.

From now on, if your spoiler tags concern the books, write in parenthesis up to which book you're spoiling.

e.g. (Book 3 spoilers), (All book spoilers), (Dunk and Egg vol.2 spoilers), etc.

If you're covering the most recent episode's kills and what not, write in parentheses "(Spoilers ep __)"

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Bastard got bopped, hard.

I'm not sure how they're going to handle Bran from now on. The only way for them not to go through all of his book 5 chapters is if they make up a bunch of stuff to fill the gap.

Also, now that Bran knows where to go, does that mean no Coldhands?

Episode 3 preview:

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When's the rumble?

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Fuck anime.

Fuck "real" wrestling.

That was amazing.

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Yeah, I was actually thinking of making a thread about this show after the last episode. That was fucking horrible (not quality wise, morality wise).

Ragnar is a monster. But I guess it's a nation / culture of assholes built on taking what you can get from others. Borg deserved to die, but torture is unnecessary.

I read up on the blood eagle and it's sort of a relief that it was most likely never a thing in actual history. Although there were plenty of other horrendous torture methods.

Anyways, I think I might enjoy this more than Game of Thrones. I'm a big fan of the Ice and Fire books, but even though the show does a fine job adapting the series, there's just too much of it to do true justice. With Vikings, I've never read the Sagas so I'm not expecting to see this or that, therefore no disappointment on that front. And I think since it has a smaller cast and scope, it's more focused and is able to achieve a higher quality baseline (directing, cinematography, etc).

That last scene I was just staring horrified with mouth agape.

The Vikings portrayed in this show are despicable disgusting creatures, but they're interesting to watch.