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@kubqo said:

Was i the only "HOLY SHIT-ING" when he slided that reef like a bos??

Yeah, I like that animation too.

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@meptron: I think the PS4 version running at 1080p/30fps is confirmed.

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I've updated the first post with the new gameplay footage.

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Should I watch Psycho-Pass even though people are hating on season 2?

Also, what are the highlights of the current season? Out of the stuff you guys are posting, maybe Rolling Girls looks like it has potential.

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Update: A video compiling some recently released gameplay clips has turned up today. Even with the graphical downgrade that some are complaining about, it still looks amazing. Look at the draw distance! It reminds me of a Fantasy Red Dead only more dense with more to do.

Best quality video is available here.


Media peoples around the world got to play Witcher 3 recently and CD Red posted a video with some new footage. I wonder if Jeff's doubts about the game's quality came from someone who attended this event. Either way, still excited. I won't bother myself over such whispers. Better to wait until it's released.

Check out Geralt's new robe armor thing. It's a cool look for him.

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@yothatlimp: @thethinwhiteduke: Rothfuss is often a delight to read, but if you didn't know, he does at least 200 rounds of revisions for each book (front to back). So he clearly spends a lot of time pondering what should go where. He claims that 200 is the magic number that gets the book to where he wants it.

And with regards to Gurm, I actually enjoy his super detailed writing style. It makes it a lot easier to get immersed when you have a scene (or meal) described so thoroughly. Although it might be the nostalgia speaking. Last time I read an Ice and Fire novel is when Dance came out (2011).

Can't wait for the next installment of both series'.

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It's a shame. I feel like they were heading in a great direction with Crack In Time. Now they're going back to the drawing board.

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Wow, I didn't think you'd actually give DA's fantasy works a try. That's cool.

Although it's kind of embarrassing since I recommended his works to you based on how much I enjoyed the first two in the Long Price series, yet I haven't finished the third book. I got distracted and read a bunch of other fantasy since then. I should get back to it soon.

Other reads I'd recommend: Blood Song, Name of the Wind, Game of Thrones (I'm guessing you've read this already), and lastly, if you're willing to give modern high fantasy a try (no orcs or elves), Way of Kings is likely your best bet.

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Whenever there's zero tweets from the guys about recording the bombcast or anything else, I can't help but wonder if they get a kick out of making us antsy.

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It's always a sign of quality when your protagonist is your worst character.

Do go on if you please.