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@daveyo520: Oh, yeah. I've been meaning to do that.

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A lot of people seem to be overflowing with hate (not just here). I admit that it's not as compelling from the get-go as the first season, but I also don't want them to just do the first season again. The set-up is interesting, although it has its flaws in the particulars.

And yeah, I also noticed how people are super terse like Rust this season. Particularly McAdam's character. On the whole though Velcoro seems to be the exact opposite of Rust. Unprofessional, wild, a lack of self control. At least they didn't just copy/paste the first season's characters.

Also this should be the opening theme, though it's not a big deal:

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Tonight, it's gotta be Boyes, Vignocchi, Yoshida, Lang, and Drake.

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@meatball: Yeah, honestly, when this was first announced, I was afraid of it being just that. Fan-service for both series and I was wondering how they'd make me care about it. I'm usually not into spin-off junk. I much prefer them going for something different.

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I like anime, but I don't like this kind of anime. But I do like this kind of game... SMT X FE you are a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

Same, but I want to give Atlus the benefit of the doubt. A while ago I used to watch mostly only anime that had action in it, but now I try to be more open about it by watching stuff like Tatami Galaxy and Shirobako. Same thing here. I'm not really into this type of stuff, but if it has some elements I like in it, then I'm willing to give it a shot. I'm not going to say "absolutely not" just because it's strange.

Edit: The character description for the MC is actually interesting when you keep in mind some the complaints in this thread. Not sure if it'll have any significant impact in the game, but it's interesting nonetheless:

Itsuki was an ordinary high school student, but after a certain event, he has awakened as a Mirage Master. He was practically forced into going to the show biz production company called “Fault Entertainment,” where his friends gather, but he doesn’t exactly share their love for the entertainment world.

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I am at work and scared to watch this video.

Seriously, it sounds really diappointing.

It's a Persona game with jpop thematic elements much like Persona 5 will have "super thief" elements.

This pretty much. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of J-pop, but if it's presented well, the characters are likable and the gameplay is fun, then I'll play it.

@zeik:The "uber animeness" is a big thematic part of the game, so if that is a deal breaker no matter what else the game has going for it, then you will not enjoy it. That's what it looks like to me right now.

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I am at work and scared to watch this video.

Seriously, it sounds really diappointing.

I've seen the first two trailers right? Were you not disappointed before now?

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More info from the IGN demo:

  • While you play, you receive messages on the gamepad (SMT twitter) from other characters.
  • You can go down side-stories for characters (optional) which can lead to them having their "debut". They get a special attack after they reach their debut.
  • Release date: maybe 2016
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@zeik said:

Man, I'm so conflicted about this game. I really want to be excited for this, but I'm not sure it's for me. There's elements in there that I could get into, probably, but there's also a lot that's really not my thing.

@kishinfoulux: I'm more wondering why they didn't just call it FE x Persona. I see the Fire Emblem elements, but there's way more Persona here than SMT.

I think the reason is because they weren't sure what this game would even be before they started. The seed idea was a pegasus knight flying around shibuya. So I'm sure it wasn't clear at that point which elements of SMT would come into play.