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Soejima has recently said that we should have more Persona 5 news soon, though, so who knows when "soon" means.

Well, that sounds better than the Last Guardian team's "as soon as we can" motto.

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@jachin said:

Sure, no problem. The person you are referring to in the image from the Harry Potter film series is actor Timothy Spall. Jeff Gerstmann is a video game person. The similarities in their appearances are purely coincidental. They are, in fact, two separate human beings. Hope this clears up your confusion!

Cake Bosh (cake bosh) knows what he's talking about.

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Naughty Dog is in its own zone right now, but I've greatly enjoyed playing games from both devs in all gens.

Regarding Insomniac, Ratchet & Clank Crack in Time was a big step in the right direction and it would be great if they kept on that path on the PS4, but I'm not sure if they're willing to do that anymore or if they still have the vision for it.

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I'm going to jump into Hearthstone the first time. Any advice? Should I touch this Naxxramas stuff? The blog post about it said you get the first wing for free if you step into it.

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@equitasinvictus: Pretty much. There was an interview without any info about the gameplay, visuals or story specifics. They were just talking about the theme of the game. Also, what @stealthmaster86 said kind of counts as well.

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It can come out no later than December of this year in Japan.

Persona 3 was unveiled in Famitsu (with character art and gameplay specifics) in March 2006 and released in July 2006 (5 month gap).

Persona 4 was unveiled in Famitsu in March 2008 and released in July 2008 (5 month gap).

We have practically nothing on persona 5 other than the "feeling" the developers want the game to give off.

August to December is five months. That's math, folks. Real math. So it's practically GUARANTEED (Atlus please...) that we'll see something visual from Persona 5 in the August issue of Famitsu.


But seriously, anyone else getting antsy? Wanna place some friendly bets on when we'll see something?

As for what counts as a reveal, let's say it's the moment we get to see at least one character, whether in video or image format.

TGS is in september, so that also seems like a plausible time and space for some P5.

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I found it kind of disturbing how difficult it was to actually try and differentiate between 4 or 5 hues that looked practically identical.

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Brad needs some medical attention. If anyone is at the location and can spot Brad, get him a doctor.

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No one in the Arena games goes to the Velvet room at all, the only mention of it is the character select screen. But those are canon and this is pure fanfare.

Didn't they say this was non-canon? I got the sense that they were given license to kinda just do whatever because of that. Maybe I'm completely wrong.

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Yeah, definitely gonna skip this one. A silly, non-canon story probably would have been enough to make me not wanna play it, but I just cannot get into these first person grid-based dungeon crawling games at all for some reason.

According to wikipedia the atlus USA people claimed that this game is indeed cannon

You're right. I found this article that confirms it. Don't know if anything else has popped up that contradicts it, but here's a quote from the article:

The biggest takeaway is that Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is canon, a representative from Atlus USA explained. However, the representative could not explain why the game is canon, since that would supposedly be a story spoiler.

Spoiler? There's a big friggin CLOCK TOWER in the game. There's gears all over the art work. My guess from the very beginning was that it was time travel.

Time travel can make anything canon, as exemplified by Futurama and Rick & Morty.

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@hailinel said:

@aegon said:

I would've thought games were past the lips barely moving phase.

That's actually something that's very hard to animate properly unless you take time and effort to do facial capture. And even then, the capture is only accurate for the origin language unless you were to do it for every language it's dubbed in (which is kind of insane in terms of the workload).

I just mean wider movements like a normal human being rather than tiny little tight lipped ones. Anime has that problem as well, but at least mouths open the correct amount.