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Also, that logo is fucking sweet.

And this is the closest a persona MC has come to resembling me, so that'll be a guilty pleasure of mine.

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The time has come. Lets over-analyze this until the next bit comes our way in probably 18 days (TGS proper , is my guess)

The thing to notice here is that it's coming to the PLAYSTATION 4. So you can stop begging for that now.

Further analysis:

  • Time seems to stop and a blue flame appears. Maybe this flame is a portal to Persona world? Will you have to set yourself on fire to bring out your Persona?
  • Everyone is either dead or unconscious in the reflection on his glasses at 1:09.
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I like the look of the MC.

Also this might sound sad, but I was shocked I was looking at Persona 5. Didn't know what to do with myself. Kind of embarrassing.

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Is this going to be the Japanese equivalent of that powers guy talking for like 10 hours?


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VISUALS visualsvisualsvisual Visuals VIsuals Visuals isuvals lisuvals uvilas aawdhawhhrhawhhr.

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Metal Gear Solid V: THE PHANTOM PEAR.

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Silent Hills time?

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Oh that's a game countdown.

We're on game 22. So just over halfway.

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Haven't seen The Order in a bit.

Visually it looks amazing.