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@Delta_Ass said:
" @Aeon said:
" Maybe the Activion logo is beneath his Thumb... i know i would put it there :P "
That's it. This whole thing is just a riff off of an old Flintstones episode! Remember, the one where Barney and Fred go fishing and Fred catches a prehistoric whale or something? But when Barney goes to take the photo, his thumb covers up the whale? That's probably what this is! Oh Infinity Ward, you true connisseurs of classic animation! "
Very funny... Idiots everywhere nowadays. Thanks for reminding me. 
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Maybe the Activion logo is beneath his Thumb... i know i would put it there :P

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Kristen Bell in Assassins Creed

Jean Reno in Onimusha 3

Takeshi Kaneshiro in the Onimushas

Vin Diesel in Wheelman, Riddick

Bruce Willis in Apocalypse

Sean Connery (young) in From Russia with Love

Pierce Brosnan in some james bond games :P

Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace

Dont think about voice acting... we will be here all day :P

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I am so excited about whatever Metal Gear game is going to be announced. I messed around with those pictures from the countdown page ;P

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Sell that chip and you guys have enough money to finish the game :P

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Hey i just made one of those ... (sort of). Its more like a 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 Level. But it still has the moving entrance :P They could have released that video one week earlier. If you want to check out my level search for "theaeon" ... The level is called "Kill Zone 3000" The level is a lot better than the name :P#

Anyone else build one yet and likes to promote it a little?

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Hi everybody,

first of all... i do realize that the following Question is kinda stupid. I am at a german forum and some guy insists that some of the ingame GTA4 pages (like count as cheats and therefore you wont be able to get the 100%

Personally i think thats wrong. I think with a little common sense you can safly say that rockstar would have warned everybody about that. Besides.... when i recall corectly ... the mentioned url above was give to the player on completion of the gta 4 story missions, right?

Is there anyway to prove him wrong other then playing through the whole game with 100% in the statistics and visiting every page there is?