Existing Outside The Console Wars

It's been about a month since I bought a PS3 slim and for the past month I've been catching up on all the exclusives I had missed out on only owning a 360. As of this weekend I have cleared the backlog of games that I wanted to play and am now looking forward to future releases for both systems.
This is the first time I've owned the consoles on both sides of the console war, and to me it has a very freeing calming effect. I was never one to get involved in rabid message board arguments, but there was a part of me that saw the releases for the other system and felt that I was missing out on something. I play a lot of games, if something comes out that's worth playing I will play it. I used to rent a whole lot but now having a steady full time job I've found myself buying a ton more games.
Existing outside the constraints of one system is a sort of peaceful existence. More then ever before it doesn't matter which system is better or who has the best exclusives. Of course I still buy the 360 version of multiplatform titles for achievements and because that's what my friends play on.
Anyways just wanted to post a random thought I had at work on a slow day, When I get home it's time to keep pushing my hard playthrough on Bayonetta, the current plan is if I get stuck or when I finish the game on hard I go buy Darksiders.