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I can't begin to count the hours I've spent listening to his voice or watching his affable antics on video. I can't quantify the impact he had on my life. I can't express my sadness at his passing.

But I can say my thoughts are with everybody close to him. I can remember and cherish the happiness he brought. I can keep the part of myself that he helped mold.

Safe travels Ryan, from our little corner of the internet to wherever you end up.

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The Wirecutter.

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There's a whole lot to do all around Japan. If you're looking for a good wandering historical/romantic city Kyoto is perfect. From there you could catch a train to any number of places. Spend the night at a secluded Ryokan with a private onsen (hot spring bath). Go to Den Den town in Osaka and Shibuya / Akihabara in Tokyo. Go to a baseball game. Go snorkelling in Okinawa. Go skiing in Nagano if that's your thing. Go see Sumo.

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In a little over 5 weeks I will be embarking on a trip to Japan, during which I plan to stage a less hectic (arguably less fun) raid. So far, my only aim is to get a Super Famicom with 2 controllers and a copy of Tetris Battle Gaiden. I've come to you today to ask; what else should be added to my raid objectives? Anything weird, fun or obscure worth looking for?

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On the page of the video.

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I'm in Brisbane, Australia, with the same problem as OP. Also tried downloading but haven't broken 40Kb/s. Its taking an hour to download videos that used to take a minute. I did notice doing a trace of that a number of the hops timed out so that my be related. Other sites have been working fine.

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Seeing them live next month, should be awesome.

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When I was in the Grade 10, Jackass was in it's heyday. A group of friends and I were at a classmates birthday party, a painfully boring birthday party to be precise. Being the dumb kids that we were, it was decided that we should film our own jackass segment in the park down the road.

The idea was for me to ride this BMX bike as fast as I could down a concrete spillway. There was minimal planning and risk assessment, naturally. I got going, one of my friend filming the whole stunt. It was all going well until I reached the bottom. There was a thick layer of algae and grass growing down the bottom. The front wheel of the bike dug in and I flipped over the handlebars. The seat of the bike came over and smashed into the back of my head, my jaw colliding with a concrete block.

I blacked out for a few seconds. I tried to speak when I came to, only moaning without making words. Blood was streaming from my chin, my friends panicked and called the ambulance. I clambered my way out of the drain and laid on the grass.

Needless to say, that is the stupidest thing I've seen, and to make things worse, I was the one doing it. Nothing like a broken collar-bone, 14 stitches, a broken jaw and some smashed teeth to teach you a lesson.

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I struggle to keep up with the content the crew put out on a weekly basis. On my laptop there are a bunch of quicklooks I need to catch up on, even more TNTs, a few podcasts and probably some other random things. I just don't have the right kind of free time to watch it all any more and I love it. I love having something there in reserve to watch. So relax, take a break for a week or two, build up a backlog and then savour it all. I've followed them from the beginning and I'll follow and subscribe until the end, they're the best company I could ask for during a quiet night at home.