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Stay at or get a day pass at a traditional bath house. There's a bunch nearby in Hakone. Kyoto is a long trip for one day but definitely doable for a night. Nikko has some of the temple feel and is closer to Tokyo. Check if the ghibli museum is open when you're there, it's pretty cool. Matsumoto has a sweet castle. So. Many. Things.

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I called off the plot and tried to end it amicably.

Then Lady Forrester attacked Lord Whitehill and it all went to shit. I murdered gryff and lord whitehill escaped.

Asher was found barely alive by Gwyn and Talia. Plus the kid escaped with Asher's Friend.

So there's a couple of different ways. Apparently you can sneak out to the camp with the other brother as another option.

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I can't begin to count the hours I've spent listening to his voice or watching his affable antics on video. I can't quantify the impact he had on my life. I can't express my sadness at his passing.

But I can say my thoughts are with everybody close to him. I can remember and cherish the happiness he brought. I can keep the part of myself that he helped mold.

Safe travels Ryan, from our little corner of the internet to wherever you end up.

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The Wirecutter.

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There's a whole lot to do all around Japan. If you're looking for a good wandering historical/romantic city Kyoto is perfect. From there you could catch a train to any number of places. Spend the night at a secluded Ryokan with a private onsen (hot spring bath). Go to Den Den town in Osaka and Shibuya / Akihabara in Tokyo. Go to a baseball game. Go snorkelling in Okinawa. Go skiing in Nagano if that's your thing. Go see Sumo.

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In a little over 5 weeks I will be embarking on a trip to Japan, during which I plan to stage a less hectic (arguably less fun) raid. So far, my only aim is to get a Super Famicom with 2 controllers and a copy of Tetris Battle Gaiden. I've come to you today to ask; what else should be added to my raid objectives? Anything weird, fun or obscure worth looking for?

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On the page of the video.

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I'm in Brisbane, Australia, with the same problem as OP. Also tried downloading but haven't broken 40Kb/s. Its taking an hour to download videos that used to take a minute. I did notice doing a trace of that a number of the hops timed out so that my be related. Other sites have been working fine.

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Seeing them live next month, should be awesome.

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