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I would be playing it online, but I've had non stop lag issues and now no games even show up when i search, so ive put it aside.
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giantbomb is the only website i actually visit anymore thanks to the magic of google reader.

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lets not get into this conversation again...

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See thats a good thing about living on the other side of the pacific ocean, the bombcast will come just in time to kill the last 2 hours of work for me.

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yeah that game looks awesome to say the least, helps that I really liked DMC 1, 3 and 4.

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@Icemael:  agreed thats what I did and it works fine.
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overall i had more fun with the original BFBC than MW and MW2, theres just a bit more diversity and there are enough options that the game can't be as dominated by one or two godly people. You can be put on a losing team for sure, but I've still had fun with it when losing, it becomes a bit of a different game, and if something isnt working you just change up the tactics and see how it goes.

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yeah you definitely kill both and I did have a bit of regret killing him, I was sorta hoping that once his boss was dead he would stop trying to murder me.

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yeah I felt really cheated by the ending, as did a lot of people. There were a bunch of reviewers that agreed too.

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@Cheapoz:  There were some maps in the original bad company that didn't have vehicles on them, hopefully its the same for a few maps in BC2 to change up the action.