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Yeah i mean, CS doesn't have classes, respawning, or aiming down the sights. Not to mention vehicles. So it sounds exactly like counter-strike to me.

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I remember in the original left 4 dead I was playing online splitscreen with one of my mates. I was quite inebriated and was slurring insults at everybody and the funny thing was my mate ended up getting votekicked instead of me. 
Another time we were playing versus and he got kicked because his infected score was "too low" he was just having a shitty game, it happens and really winning isnt everything.

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Hey everybody,
Just wanted to see if there are any Aussie Left 4 Dead 2 players wanting to get some game nights going. Feel free to add my gamertag: Ausfrot and we'll see if we can get some game started with giant bomb people instead of randoms.

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GT:  Ausfro T
I probably wont be on until friday but im down for some coop.

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i think i tried the initial beta for this mod has a lot of potential

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I love the new changes, I rented it when it first came out and got far enough in it for my liking. I bought it yesterday for the dlc id missed as well as the upcoming and it feels much better to me.

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AusfroT: burnout paradise, L4D, Street Fighter II THDR; soon to be SF IV, im down for some multiplayer most of the time.