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Time to put my PC spelunking experience to the test.

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Im in Australia. Downloads are often sub 10kb/s. Watching anything in site is impossible. Videos don't seem to buffer at all.

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I first played it when it was known as Guitar Rising at GDC 08 or 07? Sometime around then. It was really cool then, glad to see it's finally coming out, I can't wait.

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@StillVictor said:
" @aerious What you say makes sense, but are you really sure of that? How do you know? "
I'm absolutely sure. It comes down to the way the classification laws work. In order for a game to be sold in Australia it must carry with it a rating classification. What has happened with MK is that it has been refused classification because of it's content existing outside current classification guidelines. Therefore it cannot be sold in Australia as it isn't assigned a rating classification. 
This doesn't make the game contraband. The government hasn't deemed the game to be damaging to the Australian people and thereby illegal. The classification laws just make a game effectively banned because it was refused classification. It isn't actively policed as being banned, it just cannot be sold by a retailer as it hasn't been classified by the OFLC. 
It is not illegal for a citizen to buy MK overseas and have it shipped to Australia. The classification laws pertain only to retailers selling the game, not the game itself. Customs will not have any problem with it, and you will definitely not be fined in any way. 
If the government had deemed MK as contraband, by banning it outright and ruling against possessing it, it would be a different story. Only very rarely has the Australian government acted in such an extreme way with a piece of media. 
I hope this clears things up, there's a lot of confusing reports out there on this issue.
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Customs doesn't give a shit about you importing a copy of MK, they're not going to confiscate it and they're not going to fine you. Now if you are a business importing it for sale in Australia that may be a different story. You can however buy it from overseas and have it sent to you as it  has been refused classification. It's a different thing to being banned, people forget that it's only being refused classification and therefore cannot be sold by a retailer in Australia. It's not that it's banned and all copies seen being brought in will be burned in a bonfire on the border. 
So to reiterate, import without any fear of customs interfering, they honestly have bigger things to worry about and wouldn't do anything anyway. So please stop implying that we live in a police state that confiscates everything. And no they can't fine you as you aren't importing for purpose of sale.

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@Mr_Skeleton said:

Why would you want to play video games when your neighbors are wizard hobbits that can play awesome songs?

Unfortunately they're also New Zealanders, it cancels out much of the awesome.
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@SeriouslyNow:  The "Cause"? We've done all we can as active citizens to help the "cause." Now it's in the governments hands and due to the nature of bureaucracy its going to take some time for them to sort their shit out. In the meantime, instead of complaining and whining we can play the games we want to today. 
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My fellow Australian Giantbomb and whiskey family members. 
It is time you all stopped bitching about the banning of games in Australia and learned about a magical place called New Zealand. Now along with hobbits, wizards, conchords and ents New Zealand has an 18+ rating for videogames. This means that you can import it for around the same price if not cheaper than buying it in Australia. I call your attention to the website . Now I don't work for mightyape, but I can say that I have had great success buying the uncut version of left for dead 2 along with the unreleased Demon's Souls from their website. 
So please stop moaning about the government, the R18+ rating will hopefully be implemented soon. In the meantime there are really easy ways to get around it. So go buy MK online like me, import it and enjoy. The goverment cannot interfere with this in any way, they aren't waiting on the border with patrols to destroy copies of MK or anything. 
Now if only we could do something about the $110 price point...

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Alex is great, what makes the whiskey family awesome is all the different personalities that are a part of it. I have fond memories of running into Alex and Jeff at GDC shortly after Gerstmann gate and before Giantbomb.

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Ive done a few of the SP missions and like it alot, still wrapping my head around it all.