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It'd be nice to get a good following and get some games across the community. I think the asynchronous nature of it would make playing at different times easier to do.

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It's a presell with the beta and a beta entry for a friend. 
And I haven't tried it out yet, still at work unfortunately.

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Just purchased Frozen Synapse but don't really know anybody that would be interested in this game at all. 
So im opening it up to you GB community. 
PM me if youd like to be my friend and want an invite to the beta for this game if are really interested in checking it out.

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Dear Giantbomb Forumgoers, 
I am in need of your advice and wisdom.  
Currently I am in the planning stages of my quest to build an ultimate emulation and current game arcade cabinet. I have decided on using XBMC as the frontend to launch the various games and emulations. I have also settled on for the sticks/buttons to save myself some build time. 
Here's where my problem comes in. I can't decide what sort of cabinet to build! Whether to go with the traditional style, like or to go with a SFIV vewlix style one like .  
The cusp of the issue is the screen, should I go with the 32-inch plasma/LCD and the vewlix style, or a computer monitor in tradtional style. 
Any advice on the build/monitor/sticks and buttons would be greatly appreciated.

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I added all of you forgot that theres a damn space in my tag Ausfro T

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My Gamertag is AusfroT   I've only been able to get online since yesterday, loving it so far, its been weird though I havent run into anyone using a mic yet.  I switch around classes alot depending on the map and team composition, gotta balance out all those snipers on my team.

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Love the demo, the shooting feels great, using back to mark enemies makes it easier to team up on them and overall just feels awesome to play. Can't wait.

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its balanced you just have to have a team that dont keep running into the same traps the defense are setting. And camping = playing on defenders, youre supposed to hold a position, It's relatively easy to take if you have a good mix of classes and people that know how to play, thats the problem with a demo, not many people have learned the game yet. Oh and use the back button to mark enemies alot.

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If i finish the game with a Renegade playthrough and then start a new game plus, am I able to change my class and if I play paragon on playthrough 2 will I be able ot have 2 clear saves.

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I imported the uncut L4D2 from  awesome site for importing and since its NZ the prices are slightly cheaper with aussie dollars.