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Yeah this game is at its best when you have a decent squad, I played with a friend and had a good time over the weekend too bad i forgot to take a mic.
Im trying to keep away from the demo, it keeps calling to me but I want to go into it as fresh as possible now I know how awesome it feels.

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The only reason I installed was for the sweet sound of silence from the disc drive.

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yeah disc 2 has alot on it for that stuff, you will have to switch back for the end though i believe.

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I liked them all, really well done. I think Jack's and Tali's were my favourites though, loves the survivaly horrory atmosphere of them

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yeah you still have to switch, its a microsoft requirement.

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I use rss feeds of all the news blogs makes it much easier to read mainly headlines and get through them quickly, but really kotaku is a Gawker site and the prickish attitude is part of being associated with gawker.

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I finished VVVVVV yesterday and had a really fun time doing it, there were some tough times for sure but it was really great.

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im super excited, hopefully i wont keep getting screwed around with setting up my internet for too much longer.

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I found them easy but alot of fun to beat, its great to wipe the floor with a giant enemy crab.