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@Zabant said:

"He was so strong"

"Arborists," the only true men.

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@foggel said:
Things almost flew out of my face and onto my monitor.
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@Brodehouse said:

I thought I saw Will Smith's cum face when he was using that shake weight.

That must've been someone else's shakeweight, then. Everyone knows you can't shake another man's weight.
#4 Posted by Aeshir (14 posts) -


I've got a sense of humor. I pull pranks all the time at work and with friends.

I bet you even breathe sometimes and have blood pumping through your non-metallic veins, too.

but of coarse your humor is better then mine and I'm sure yours works great in the work place and around a family dinner.

Good thing we're not at either of those, then! 'Cause then I wouldn't be able to make jokes like


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An internetter's words are a drunk man's thoughts.


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I present to you...THREE WILL MOON.

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I present to you...THREE WILL MOON.

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Working on something more complex.
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@CowMuffins said:

" Games Radar, to me anyway, just has a bunch of stuff like "Top Ten Best Game Vixens" or...stuff like that. I don't hate their podcast, because I havn't listened to it. But the site itself is a joke with all the ads, and it just doesn't seem professional.  Also, I don't see how the Giant Bomb forums are "riddled with trolls", but whatever. "
That's a popular (and unfortunate) misconception. The fact is that lists sell and portraying articles as such works. On the other hand, I'm not a big fan of the UK side of the site. Being a big fan of TalkRadar and all, I'm much more into the US editors and their articles. They're also more experienced in the field of Gamz Jarnalism in general.
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@Mrnitropb said:
" "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!  YOU'RE LISTENING TO MOTHER FUCkING FUCKING TALKING ASS RADAR BITCHES! " I kind of stopped listening to TR after year 1, cause it got a little too much, but don't actually dislike them anymore than I dislike my local radio station talk crew, with their faaaaaablous prizes and $5 foot-long bus. "
I lol'd for realz.
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