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Aesthetics can from my old favorite band The Scene Aesthetic.

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Having played this game for an hour I feel like the melee and dodge are useless. You still take damage no matter what and the actions feel delayed.

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So, I went around on the weekend trying to find a place where I could actually try on the Sony MDR-V6. None to be found. Anyone know of a retail place that carries them?

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I prefer Magneto and his mutants to the X-Men after watching X-Men First Class

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So, I have had some experience buying gaming headsets but now I am looking into a regular headphones for listening to music/Bombcast :). My current headset is a 5.1 Tritton so I can't just take it with me.

At the moment, I am looking at


I have a relatively big head and comfort is a very high priority. My aforementioned headset gets little use because it hurts my jaw/top of my head with even limited use if I don't use something else to pad it. I am not exactly an audiophile but do want something that sounds good. I am also on the fence of whether I should look at the "open" ones for comfort or "closed" for noise cancellation. My budget is about $100. But I would love advice or recommendations.

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It is on my Steam sale Christmas list.

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I have a G9x, I love it. I like the size because I have shorter fingers and the side buttons are not out of reach. Having two different skins offers two grip options too.