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Woa ... my Shepard was also a female vanguard... altho I never noticed her to be pettite because well I went with Liara so in contrast Shepar looked a bit rougher I say , but now that you say it yeah I would´ve prefered actual body options so i could make her look like the Amazon in Dragon´s Crown ( I sure like her design , even if it is exagerated) , hope Bioware finaly takes a step further to allow more body types ... heck if MMOS have been doing that for a long time I fail to see why rpgs cant do the same .

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Female Warrior Qunari British accent :D

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Witcher 3 , Bloodborne (altho I think it is still along ways to go in development )

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I think it would be Red Dead Redmption ... yeah then followed by either Fallout 3 /New Vegas and Skyrim

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Mel Gibson only because of the Road Warrior ... my favorite action flick

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@jadegl: Well yeah you have the right to talk about things , but many a times people just see the top and dont try to really study what they are arguing and just put the blame on something ... as an example lets use Dragons Crown , I will talk briefly about the amazon , she has little to no armour and people will only say that her appearence is only and ONLY for gwaking , but if they did study the game will find out that how she dresses conveys crucial information about gameplay mechanics , like what you may ask? Well she has terrible defense as the other non warrior classes , she is the nimblest of them all (when you use her combo she attacks faster and faster with time) also she is a high risk/reward character , and as you see her in the game you can see all this information , also lets add the lore etc. So it becomes more complex and not as just one way street as the detractors make it out to be. ....

As a side note I did also used the princess in Super Mario Bross 2... I mean she could fly , thats the best ability on a platformer in my books. But yeah you are right that riptide bust was a terrible idea and it indeed did not add anything to the game , lore etc.

But also I as many other should try harder to hear others (and their opinions ) as we would want te be heard ouselves , and I think that isnt much to ask truly , even if sometimes the opinion seems ridiculous or inexplicable to us , as sometimes it is the other way around.

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A local heavy metal store for shirts , as for the rest from the supermarket ..... jeans and underwear. For tenis / nshoes ... I used to go to a skater style shop as I like those , but right now I have a couple of handed down shoes from my cousins (money has been way too tight for me to afford new shoes)

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I watched last year to see if I would dig it , but frankly I wasnt as interested and kept it as background noise , maybe will do the same this time around but I dont get hooked on it as I did with CEO or EVO.

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I choose females characters because I´ve been more mezmerised by females in fiction than males , I have more empathy for females than males and I may be secretly wanting to be a girl as well :/ or maybe Im just a sad lonely man who only tries to perpertuate what I think my soul mate would be like. And also I do like to see the beautiful aesthetics of the female designs more than the males one.

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@rorie: Im sorry Rorie ... D: is just I came late from work and just read the other thread and I havent been able to voice concerns /stuff (not that I anything concrete to say at the moment tbh)