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@Dagbiker said:

Its 22gigs compressed. Thats why.

Ouch. That would be a pretty good reason... I just like playing JRPGs on handhelds more than on the big screen.

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Now I haven't played this game yet because I won't be back into country for another 2 weeks, but I think this game would have been a perfect Cross-Play game between the Vita and PS3. Hell, it was already a DS game, for the most part. I'm no game designer/programmer but I can't imagine it being too difficult. Anyway.. just thought I'd throw that out there.

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Thinking about picking up the game. Any opinions whether to dl it on the vita or iPad? My guess is the port to the vita is better than to iPad but it's 5$ cheaper in the app store than PSN. Thanks.

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Definitely excited for an rpg for vita. Lumines and stardust can only occupy my time for so long... Downloading now.

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@Humanity said:

I didn't see any mention of fixes to the framerate drops in certain areas - did that get fix or not? I wouldn't be surprised if it was engine limitations but sure would be nice if the game ran more butter smooth like Demons Souls. I've been putting serious hours into Saints Row so going back into this will be a nightmare.

interested in this as well. I'd like to play on 360 but if the framerate issues still exist i'd pick it up for ps3 instead.

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@LordXavierBritish said:

I still think Mr. Freeze is the best boss battle by far. It really forces you to use your whole arsenal which no other encounter in the game ever really imposes on you.


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@IgnisPhaseOne: I just bought the game today and after going through the story once I looked at the achievements.  Please tell me you've gotten "final form".  I want to see the video of someone doing that. That's insane. Lots of pattern memorizing i guess, but shit, I wouldn't be able to do that in a million years.
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I've been staying at a hotel and I think there is something with their internet that won't allow me to connect to the servers.  I went to a different location with wifi and tried to connect and had no problem.  Guess I'll just have to wait till I get home to play some AoE.  Thanks for the suggestion though.

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Anyone else getting this error message when trying to connect to a server? If so, any solutions?  
Thanks for the help.

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These auto play ads are pretty ridiculous...