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NOT A FAN!  I like the idea of recent reviews or most looked at games or which ever makes the 2nd "bar" of games, BUT 5 games in the same line below the top news stories seems too much/ overwhelming/misplaced.  Looks a little crowded or demanding to click on those instead of visiting the news below all of that.  Maybe a different way to display those more discretely would be appropriate.  
I guess I'll live with what they stick with but it just takes time to get used to.

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@CitizenKane: up near UWF.
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I'm living in P'cola now, and will be joining you in the rain to pick up my copy of MW2!

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that is a tough question.  Both were amazing imo. I'd have to go with District 9 only bc it was different.

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@Shankus:  A little giggle? I straight out laughed. Funny shit.
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@Falcon5008:  Silly place yes, but I like how they try to hide collectibles.  Makes it a little more difficult even though the way point shows the spot. 
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I played quite a bit today with a friend over xbl.  I can't speak of joining a pug but I kept my game open to the public and had a few people join in.  They were always within a couple levels of us so my guess is it matches based on level.   Take it for what its worth.

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I use my 360 for pretty much all games and streaming netflix.  PS3 only for exclusives and blu-rays.  Definitely worth purchasing both imo.

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I'd do her.

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The Outdoorsmen: Blood, Sweat, and Beer