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I use my 360 for pretty much all games and streaming netflix.  PS3 only for exclusives and blu-rays.  Definitely worth purchasing both imo.

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I'd do her.

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The Outdoorsmen: Blood, Sweat, and Beer

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 I had no signs that I was about to red ring.  In fact I was simply watching netflix for maybe 5 minutes when it first red ringed, then multiple restarts and attempts at playing CoD earned me a perma-red ring.  I contacted microsoft the same day and shipped it to them that afternoon.  Hopefully they have a fast response time.
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Of course, one of the few times i'm anticipating an xbla game and my box red ringed the beginning of release week....

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One club i was hoping not join. At least they are efficient at getting them back to you now.  Only go about 2 weeks with out my box.  Good thing I just got infamous.

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yep is red ringed for good.  Calling microsoft now....

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Here's the deal.... my xbox froze this morning using netflix.  I turned it off and back on, when i turned it on it red ringed.  So of course I turned it off and back on. I load dashboard no problem, so i finished watching my movie. Now I'm playing some COD and it keeps freezing.  It isn't red ringing, just freezing up.  Any suggestions?
  I thought I heard that microsoft won't replace the box if it is not red ringing, any truth behind that? Thanks for the help.

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District 9. Saw it last night, pretty sweet movie... i recommend it.

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Samsung 52" 1080p 120Hz  Had to buy something nice with the new job. It seemed almost too big in my living room for the first couple weeks.  I adjusted tho.