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@JoeShadows: No, why would I be offended by that? It's hilarious.

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That wasn't what I was arguing. Reading through the posts it is apparent that many Europeans seem to think that there was nothing but log cabins spread far apart from one another and nothing to climb on.

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@ptys said:

That's actually pretty cool! Trust the Europeans to find the best parts of American history, LOL.

AC games are developed in Montreal.

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@Brenderous said:

If you're playing a Native American, you're probably not going to be targeting the British.

Personally I like the idea of playing a Native American and killing the invading American scum.

Natives fought for both sides.

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So much Idiocy being posted. If you don't know about American history you probably should stop making assumptions about it.

The buildings were not "all one story tall", cities like Boston, Philadelphia, and New York were filled with 3-4 story row houses, churches with high steeples, and civil structures with clock towers.

Natives also did not fight exclusively on behalf of the British. Different tribes made different alliances, some fought for the British, some for the rebels.