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the quality of illegally downloaded movies seems makes it seem worth paying for music and songs besides the fact that you know you are doing the right thing.  now that you can get all of those things at reasonable prices online there is no more excuse that people used to have that you couldn't get them easily, such as paying $20 for a music album for just one good song or buying  a movie when you can rent them easily online with netflix, itunes, and so forth.

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Is it still going strong?

#3 Posted by afriskydingo (46 posts) -

I really like gangplank

#4 Posted by afriskydingo (46 posts) -

I still can't figure out #2 on dinners ready as well and # 2 on the desert that's a puzzle.  the clue's don't seem to help

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free to play could be ad long as the game is actually good

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I thought I found it with the demon character and voice actor, but that wasn't it.  I have had a lot of trouble with this one and hearing voices in general.  the hints don't seem to help for the most part, especially the canadian actor one and this handful of gravel quest.

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I added several games to the list of games and they were approved, but I didn't understand they were dlc rather than seperate games.  The game is hasbro family game night and it has all of the games as dlc.  i added some of the dlc as individual games, but apparently with the new giantbomb setup you will be able to add dlc sections in the game. 

so the following games need to be deleted
xbla arcade games;

connect four

not sure if i had any others, but i know those are the ones i can find

#8 Posted by afriskydingo (46 posts) -

oh i thought you were referring to something else.  good to know

#9 Posted by afriskydingo (46 posts) -

so is there still a page that lists popular pages that need help?  I haven't been able to find that since the redesign either.

#10 Posted by afriskydingo (46 posts) -

I can't find it on the new redesign. i just see a page that shows those that have been accepted.  also where is the list of popular wiki pages that need help that was originally on the homepage? 

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