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A few of us get so distracted with the games we play, with their hand holding, that we continually receive superficial rewards that make us forget about other priorities in our lives. Every time I see something like this I get offended, not because it is untrue, but because it is true. The thing is, I love games like Oblivion and Fallout, and just because a reward is superficial doesn't necessarily detract from the enjoyment, and people should be responsible for their own lives, it's not the game developers fault you can't manage your time.

Musings on game technological advancements

I have been playing the Half Life 2 series recently, and the physics and facial animations have amazed me, and it's all mostly from last gen. Now I am yet to commence episode 2, because at the moment I am playing Crysis 2, which pushes the current generation of consoles to their limits (as programmably possible) . The event scripting, lighting, art direction, and the unique alien effects make for an incredibly immersive gaming experience. The way the HUD looks like it is on a visor, the way the transparent cells fill the edges when activating shields, the colour filters used in the heat vision etc. All the details accumulate to make the player feel like they are a part of the experience. If new console hardware can allow the average game developers make their games look 90% as good as Crysis 2, then bring it on. This is exactly the kind of game I have wanted to play all my life, and I haven't finished it yet, so hopefully no jinxing just occurred. The graphics are valuable and should never be underestimated, the gameplay is extremely good as well, though maybe not to the same extent.

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XBOX Live Gold Australia Cheap(er)

Over the weekend  I was in desperate need of a new 12 month gold subscription. As an Australian, the cost of 12 months multiplayer is $80; this is a problem for me because  I don't want to spend that much money on something and not get anything new. So what I did was I searched around on eBay for xbox live gold subscription codes.  I found one seller that sold them really cheap, I checked their ebay profile and they had a link to their own site. On their site I was able to purchase the subscription code using my PayPal account. The new subscription cost me $50, which is $30 cheaper than the normal price. They emailed me the code, even though it wasn't business hours, and I added it to my XBOX live account and it worked... :) 
So the site is legit; if you want to check it out you can go HERE (
I haven't posted this to the forums because it may be considered spam/marketing... I also haven't added tags for the exact same reason.

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Portal Free For Everyone

Valve's award-winning 3d puzzle game is now available for free in both Steam for PC, and Steam for Mac (& Linux if you want to emulate it). If you don't have Steam you should download it now and get the game.
Also if you want to watch a really funny video, parody of sorts, of a GTA Heavy-Rain then go here (on youtube); LINK

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The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side

My current gaming situation completely embodies that over-used saying. I started with on a Playsation, then I went to Playstation 2, then I was making games on PC through GamesFactory and GameMaker, then my PS2 broke and I got an Xbox because I liked it how I could have as many saves as I wanted onto it, and store music; I also liked Halo. I then got an Xbox 360, because I thought the music capability was nice and PS3 was still a $1000. But now I see the music anywhere feature as a unnecessary gimmick. Custom soundtrack is available through the games that I would play on PS3 anyway. I don't like the exclusive Xbox 360 games, whereas I like PS3's exclusive games. Most people (I'm sure) like the Xbox more, but I just don't like it at all (except for the controller). My favorite game companies have always been Naughty Dog, Nintendo, and Rockstar; also now interested in Media Molecule and whoever made 3D dot game heroes. The things is, if I switch, will I then dislike the PS3 and miss the Xbox360?
There is also a desire to just go with PC gaming because you aren't at the mercy of the platform like you are with consoles, and you can make games load quicker than on console, and make the graphics better; and at the same time have a better computer for doing computer-tasks (& I could then play games at night time since the PC isn't connected to the TV).
In other stuff I S-Ranked Fallout 3, later today my Profile should reflect that (there is a delay)
I fucking hate spawn campers on Battlefield Bad Company 2.
:: If anybody is reading this, have you ever been stuck on the fence? Do you game on PC? how is it?


The Humble Indie Bundle IS GOLD

Today I purchased the Humble Indie Bundle for $10. From that $10 I now have six games (including Somorost 2 which was just added). I now have my second copy of World of Goo, after purchasing it first time around on Game's for Windows for a fortune in the name of my drug 'Achievements'. This is what is so great about indie developers, is because the small size in their development teams there is less conflict of interest and they are free to do whatever they are cable of and wish to do. As a result, truly unique gaming experiences are created. Also, unlike corporations, indie developers are free to decide whether or not they want their game bundled with another from a different development team. In this case the Humble Indie Bundle is available, all/most unique and high quality indie games at whatever price you want to pay, with the money split between the developers and charities as you please.
There is not much time left to get the bundle (less than a day), so head on over to the website.

  Enjoy, courtesy of the game's respective developers.
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Fallout 3 Achievement Hunting

Today on Fallout 3 I managed to get all of the achievements I was missing except for the Bobblehead ones. I am one Bobblehead away from the 2nd last achievement, and eleven Bobbleheads away from completion. The nuka cola quest's achievement, and the speech achievement both surprised me when I managed to complete them, considering I rarely bothering with the random speech challenges in the game, and throughout the first half of the game I drank every single nuka cola quantam I could get my hands on, not realizing they were important for an achievement.
Also managed to find Agatha's house, which enabled me to collect the achievement for her quest. Moira Brown came in handy when I was making all the weapons (for the first time) just to get the achievement. Between what I had in my house's locker and in her shop's inventory (+ minefield's lawn mower blade) it was a quick and painless process.
If anyone has been having a hard time trying to find the Death Claw Sanctuary, just go to the Tebarnacle Chapel and head forwards from the front door to the cliffs. Up in a gully is the slope, which is guarded by two Death Claw's. When you are at the bottom of the slope there is a door which is hardly visible, enter that and sneak down into the cave, close to the entrance is a Bobblehead and a Nuka Cola Quantam.


GTA TBOGT Cage Fights are infuriating

 I almost beat that cage fight on GTA TBOGT, but at the last guy I was just about to get in my life saving kick into the other guy and some jerk-off that had previously been beaten ran in between us, took the kick and as a result I got stabbed to death by the guy the kick was supposed to hit. It is incredibly hard to get that far in this mini-game and I am so fucking pissed off that I will not be trying it again, it is not worth the grief. Things like this only happen in video games and make me sometimes hate my favorite form of electronic entertainment. A chill pill will not help. Let's hope 'Red Dead Redemption' doesn't have anything like this.

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