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Congratulations on freeing yourself by letting people get to know the real you.

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This is much better than that "let's make a game" thing I tried in 2012.

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@truthtellah: Yeah that's true, TruthTellah. Loved that game so much. Too bad I became a ghost before finishing the island, but luckily there's a new game +.

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Dragon's Dogma.

This is a good game.

However, you can create your own characters and "borrow" other players characters as AI allies. Many of the player-designed characters are cheesy/creepy/sex-ified, though nothing near what is in other games that allow customisation. Since the allies are called "pawns" it may also bother you.

It's the best game I have played in ages though, but when you occasionally run into a super-cheesy character within the city or on the roads, it breaks the atmosphere/narrative slightly.

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I dunno. Action/combo/slashing games like Castlevania and Devil May Cry. I recently played partially through the one with the new the Dante character. I got scared that the game would have severe consequences on mission failure, so I gave up after the eighth/ninth mission even before I failed once. By severe consequences I mean restarting the whole mission and losing the currency you need to buy upgrades. It just wasn't clear on what would happen on failure, without me having to fail to find out.

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Whenever I saw the current situation on TV, regarding the Ukrainian protests, the anti-Russia side appears to be very similar to a Nazi group. Ironically, Russia's attitudes to minorities is similar to the Nazis, however I don't think they are going to gas their people (or maybe they will). So basically what I am saying is both sides seem quite hateful and present themselves in a tough-convervative manner.

Admittedly I stopped following this spectacle and forgot some details, but that is due to realising their were no 'good' sides. But I see Russia as the better of the two. If I were to explore this event further I may change my mind though as I really don't know what's best for Ukraine. What's worrying is the people that should know may not.

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@tobbrobb said:

@afrofools: Then don't play a shooter? Decent reflexes are a baseline requirement for all of them.

CS:GO at least has the ridiculous recoil system, so you are better off being good at ambushes and flanking rather than reflexes anyways.

Well I think some kind of war simulator may involve locating enemies and then taking them out through strategy more than running around, jumping, shooting, and stabbing dudes on a tiny map ;)

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He must be good if people keep copying him. Perhaps next time he could release his games for PS4 and Xbox One, which are now more accepting of indie's games, but are still stringent enough to keep clones and other rubbish off their marketplaces.

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@tobbrobb said:

Counter Strike. Fits your criteria pretty perfectly.

But @hencook doesn't want the game to be about reflexes.

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I want a PS4. But who cares about the past, time to move on.