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OP: Drop out of it for your health.

I use TweetDeck and have columns set up for each of my interests. I have filters that block tweets containing words like "Bieber" (have nothing against him, just not interested). I only have it set up to show me world news and tweets by people that actually do stuff or are 'influencers' in their respective field relating to my work and interests. I also follow a bot that tweets the top posts from a community news aggregation site (HN). It's 60% links to very interesting articles or important world events. The other 40% contains people sharing their work or whatever, but occasionally you will get otherwise awesome people tweeting witch hunts etcetera, while often on the more correct side of a given issue, it can be very agonising with the lack of objectivity or civility. Since when there is crap it is coming from people and not bots or news organisations, I have prioritised the columns so those without individuals (e.g. bots and organisations that I follow) take precedence due to having a higher signal to noise ratio.

A note on social network hate-sprees / witch hunts: If you trace the tweet trail they are often caused by Huffington Post or Gawker Media. There's different levels of hate and stupidity and I am personally never exposed directly to tweets or retweets from the other sources like 4chan, due to who I follow. I do have a list of game-related people and I think the least intelligent or mature debates come from that group.

An alternative to twitter for OP and others: I also use a site called Feedly that uses a simple technology called RSS that many websites have. It's like following on twitter except you only get the actual content of your favourite websites or blogs, and none of the hyperbole.

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Nice work. If it only showed one title per video instead of changing then it would be even better.

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Lmao @ hackers

Script kiddies 4 lyfe

We need you to make use of your two button keyboard and counter-hack them with a pure-binary honeypot.

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Water > Coke

* shots fired *

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Ask her out somewhere, but don't make it sound like a date. But don't immediately make any assumptions of whether this means anything. Your relationship may then develop from there. Good luck!

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@truthtellah: Yes I should expand my horizons and play this :)

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It's weird for sure, but from what I've seen, it's actually tamer than many will likely expect. It's more odd or silly than disturbing.

Yeah. That horror game (Blackbay Asylum) on the front page looks more disturbing to be honest.

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I really enjoyed the combat and graphics from Remember Me. Hopefully they sell a complete edition or season pass for this though, because not everyone will be want to pay per episode.

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So "AKIBA'S TRIP: Undead & Undressed" is available on PSN for Vita. The gameplay has you defending yourself against your attackers by stripping their clothes off. Apparently it's a parody of games or something.

Will this be 2014's weird/disturbing game of the year?

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@theht said:

What... why... oh geez.

Are the kids actually COD obsessed or are they just, you know, kids. Because goddamn, I bet they'll think twice about sharing their hobbies with their father after that.

Yeah better not let him know about their porn habits or he'll take them to a brothel.