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I'm not sure they will be able to release their next console.

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The art was inconsistent at times, the story was stupid, and the gameplay was okay. But overall it was worth it.

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The Last of Us, Sleeping Dogs, & Retro City Rampage.

I was not expecting the Last of Us to be any good because it's got zombies in it. But when I played it I discovered the game was not about zombies, even though they were in it. It even made me emotional at the beginning. Toward the end I was tiring of the gameplay and wanted it to finish, but there were a number of memorable areas/levels. The bundled DLC was also very well executed. If you haven't played this game you should probably think about doing so. (9/10)

Sleeping dogs turned out to be quite good, despite being a shallow kill-fest with repetitive mechanics and uninspiring mission design. The hand-to-hand combat was responsive and the driving mechanics for the most part worked for the mission design. I haven't bothered finishing the bundled DLC, which was not at all interesting. (6/10)

Retro City Rampage was not any fun to play, but I must give the developer a gold star for their creative abuses of intellectual property. Avoid this game, unless you are looking for a constant stream of nostalgic references, it's like a movie that is full of cheesy one-liners.

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Well I'm happy they let me have the PS4 version for free after buying the PS3 version. Because I wasn't going to buy it again anyway.

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Looks like a good way to introduce young teenagers to free to play game concepts.

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@rowr: Yeah I played only the diving missions it made me do in AC4, and then just noped out of all the others. It's not just the fear of sharks, but drowning as well.

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Someone should make a bingo card for people leaving games companies. What will they do next? Stay tuned.

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I think a true horror game featuring scissors would have to feature a psychopath chasing you through a bathhouse, snipping madly behind you, trying to mutilate your genitals.

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It won't matter if they put an advertisement in the default item slot. On PS3, Pal region players get to look at two people playing SingStar. The advertisement cannot be removed and there is a horrendous blue background behind the models. This is the first thing you see when you turn on your system. Yuck. It does not set a good impression and I expect PS4 to be the same.